How to Create an Omnichannel Customer Experience with the Swym Back in Stock Alerts App

To get the most out of your marketing efforts, you need to meet your customers where they are. The best way to do this is by building up your e-commerce brand’s presence on every channel your customers are using. Think email, SMS, social media, and, of course, your website. 

In the past, this strategy may have been a bonus or something only the biggest companies could afford. But today, your business needs to use omnichannel marketing, or else you risk losing out to your competition who does. Luckily, multi-channel marketing is also easier than ever thanks to the many digital marketing tools available. 

Swym’s Back in Stock Alerts app helps you engage customers who show interest in your products by letting them choose which channel they prefer to receive alerts on. Our app integrates seamlessly with the most popular marketing platforms so you can easily make the most of shoppers signing up for back-in-stock alerts on email, SMS, and social media. You can also use these integrations to create impactful retargeting campaigns based on the actions subscribers take on your site. 

In this article, we’ll look at some of the benefits of omnichannel marketing and how you can use the data you get from the Swym Back in Stock Alerts app while creating an engaging cross-platform experience for your customers. 

What is Omnichannel Marketing? 

The prefix “omni” means all. And “channel” describes the many ways you can reach your audience—both online and in person. Omnichannel marketing is the sum of your efforts on different platforms for engaging shoppers. A robust multi-channel strategy relies on synergy and cohesive brand identity to create an enjoyable experience that eventually leads to customers making a purchase. 

Great omnichannel marketing includes: 

  • Personalized messaging based on the customer’s interests
  • Consistent brand tone applied to all communications across platforms 
  • Tailored content delivered based on a customer’s past interactions
  • Data-driven decision-making and communication flows

When you combine these elements, the results speak for themselves. Studies show companies that use omnichannel marketing retain a whopping 89% of their customers. Plus, brands that effectively engage customers across multiple channels see a 9.5% yearly revenue increase compared to those that don’t. 

How Does Swym’s Back in Stock Alerts App Support Omnichannel Marketing?

You want to deliver a consistent experience for your customers. That’s why we built the Back in Stock Alerts app with seamless integrations in mind. Our app supports integrations for many of the top marketing platforms e-commerce brands rely on today. 

This allows you to create highly-targeted marketing campaigns across mediums like email, SMS, and social media all powered by relevant, granular data gathered from your customers. Let’s look at how you can build an omnichannel marketing strategy using the Sywm platform. 

Email Marketing 

Still the most popular way to reach your audience, email marketing gives you precise control and clarity when designing a marketing campaign. Platforms like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and Hubspot feature powerful segmentation and automation tools to manage your campaigns. But you need to know what your customers think first. 

Our integrations pass relevant data in the form of events and triggers, such as a user signing up for back-in-stock reminders, to your email service provider (ESP). From there, you can use these events to automatically send personalized, targeted messages to the right customer at the right time. Designing campaigns triggered by events like price drops and low-stock alerts is also a winning strategy to drive traffic and sales to your site. 

Your provider’s analytics tools also gather data about how your audience interacts with your campaigns based on Swym events. This allows you to refine your messaging and build even more effective email sequences in the future. 

SMS Messaging 

Thanks to the ubiquitous use of smartphones worldwide, SMS marketing has grown more popular in recent years. It’s also the best platform for quickly and directly reaching your audience—and SMS has open rates as high as 97%

Swym’s Back in Stock Alerts app lets you capture a shopper’s phone number when they subscribe to alerts, so they can opt-in to your marketing list. Thanks to the urgency created by SMS messages, this is a great medium for sending back-in-stock or ‘limited time restock’ alerts. 

Our app integrates with leading SMS marketing providers, including Twilio, Postscript, Klaviyo, and more. Just like email, our SMS integrations share events from your customers’ activity on your storefront so you can design relevant, targeted messaging campaigns based on hard data. 

SMS is a great tool to use on its own, but works even better when combined with other strategies. Following up an email campaign with an SMS reminder can significantly boost open rates and drive more customers back to your site. This synergy is a great example of why omnichannel marketing is so effective. 

Social Media

Shoppers might not make a purchase decision the first time they visit your store. But with Swym’s Back in Stock Alerts app, you can gather valuable data that allows you to retarget those shoppers with ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

The classic “Rule of 7” suggests that shoppers need to see or hear from your brand seven times before making a purchase. Relevant social media ads for the products they’ve already shown interest in consistently nudge shoppers toward a buying decision. 

Our Meta (Facebook) pixel integration uses the events data generated by the Back in Stock Alerts app to help you design personalized ads to retarget users and bring them back to your site. 

The integration also lets you create audiences containing shoppers who have shown high buying intent by subscribing to alerts. You can even use this data to create lookalike audiences to expand your reach and find new demographics that are interested in your products.  

Opt-In Marketing 

Your marketing plan won’t work without a robust audience of interested and engaged users. Luckily, the Swym Back in Stock Alerts app helps you expand your audience base with the Grow Your Email List feature

When shoppers sign up for back-in-stock alerts, this feature gives them the ability to opt-in to future marketing from your brand. If they do, they’ll be added to your list. From there, you can target your email marketing to them based on their preferences and activity collected by the Back in Stock Alerts app. This leads to more sales and better customer engagement.

This powerful list-building feature is also a great way to respect your customers’ privacy and stay compliant with GDPR regulations without sacrificing your marketing efforts. 

Tying Your Marketing Together

Each of the channels described above is a piece of a much larger whole—your omnichannel marketing strategy. Since the Back in Stock Alerts app offers integrations for all types of platforms, you can use the data you gather from your site to power your entire marketing plan. 

Syncing your messaging between platforms ensures customers enjoy a consistent, no-hassle experience each time they interact with your brand. Regardless of how your audience chooses to connect, you’ll be engaging them with targeted, personalized communication. Ultimately, this leads to better brand loyalty, higher traffic, and more purchases. 

Interested in how Swym’s Back in Stock Alerts app can support your omnichannel marketing efforts? Have questions about getting started or setting up integrations? Our support team is happy to help. Reach out to us at to get started. 

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