How to Prevent Alert Signups on Specific Products

Many of your out of stock products will never be restocked. Allowing your customers to sign up for back in stock alerts on these products is something you want to avoid. Setting the expectation that they will eventually hear from you with an update and not following through is a bad customer experience. 

Swym lets you set up a custom tag, or equivalent depending on your platform, that you can add to products you want to exclude. Once added, the “Notify Me” button is automatically deactivated on tagged products, thereby preventing customers from signing up for alerts.

How to prevent signup for back in stock alerts on select products

First, add a custom tag with a name of your choice on the products where you don’t want alerts to be sent. In the example below , we’ve used the tag ‘swym-disabled’. However, you can name this as you wish. 

Second, add the same tag on the Swym Admin > Configure > BiS Alerts > Disabled on selected products page as shown in the GIF below.

After you have added a tag in Swym Admin, you can use that tag on any products you don’t want the back in stock buttons to show up on.

Note: this feature is available on our Pro plans and above.

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Let's discuss your needs!

Let's discuss your needs!