How to publish Swym Back in Stock Alerts from development theme to live theme

If you chose a development/unpublished theme to test and preview the Swym Back in Stock Alerts during the onboarding flow, the ‘Notify Me’ button will not appear on your live storefront.

In order for the ‘Notify Me’ button to be visible to your shoppers, you must publish the app to your live theme. This document will walk you through how you can do this with ease.

Login to your Swym Admin, and click on ‘Quickstart’ in the menu on the left-hand side.

This will open up the ‘Quickstart’ screen where you will see a banner that nudges you to publish the app to your live theme.

Click on the ‘Publish App’ button on the banner

A pop-up will open up on the screen

Click on the dropdown and choose your live/published theme. The dropdown will indicate which the live theme is in brackets.

Then click on ‘Publish App’.

This will open up Shopify’s Theme editor in a different tab on your browser. On this screen check to see if the radio button on the left-hand side menu against Swym Back in Stock Alerts is toggled on (it is on by default) and then click on the ‘Save’ button, which appears on the right-hand side top corner of the screen.

You’ll be directed back to the Quickstart screen on Swym Admin, where you’ll see a success message.

That’s it! The Swym Back in Stock Alerts app will be published on your live theme. All the settings and preferences you set up while publishing to your development/unpublished theme will be applied to the live theme as well.

You can then continue to make changes or turn on even more features from the Quickstart screen!

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Let's discuss your needs!

Let's discuss your needs!