How to add the “Add to Registry” button to Vintage themes

Step 1: Click on Install, if you see a message that tells you your theme is old, this means you are installing the app on a vintage theme, and this does not support the Shopify 2.0 customisability features, do not worry we still got you covered. Click on install.

Step 2: Post this you will see a finish message. Now, go to your online store.

Step 3: Click on the theme where you installed the app, and look for the … or more theme actions

Step 4: Choose the Edit code option from the dropdown.

Step 5: Type “swym”

Step 6: You will see a swym-registry-add-btn-snippet.liquid, if you do not find this, see if you have selected the right theme, or try to install on the same theme again. If it still does not work – Contact support

Step 7: Now search for “product”

Step 8: Click on product-template.liquid

Step 9: Find the place where the Add to cart button is added, this is generally found by searching id=”AddToCart”, now add the following code below the div that renders the button

{% render "swym-registry-add-btn-snippet" %}

Step 10: Click on Save

Step 11: Click on Preview store

Step 12: Go back to the app, Click on Customize

Step 13: Click on Customize under the theme where the app is installed.

Step 14: Click on Customize, next to the line item which says, “Customize the way your customer add items to the registry.

Step 15: This will open the shopify default customize mode, to “of” the product display page where the button is added. To customize this further, Click on the paint brush icon here (Theme settings)

Step 16: Under theme settings Click on SWYM ADD TO REGISTRY BUTTON CSS

Step 17: Change the settings of your choice.

Step 18: You can modify colours, fonts, margins and much more.

Step 19: Do not forget to Click on Save once you are satisfied with how your button looks

Step 20: Click on View actions for Theme export or the 3 dots

Step 21: Click on Preview

Step 22: Check out the newly configured button in the store, you can customize it further if you are not happy with how it looks. You can also add Custom css from theme settings.

Step 23: We can also, add extra custom css, to customise further.

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Let's discuss your needs!

Let's discuss your needs!

Let's discuss your needs!