What are events or triggers in Swym integrations

One of the areas where the Swym Platform stands out is with the integration capabilities it offers. Our platform allows you to sync back in stock subscriptions or wishlist data and actions with your marketing tools, such as Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Hubspot and many others you can explore. This gives you the capability of adding another layer of intelligence to refine your marketing campaigns better.

While the actual bridge between the Swym Platform and these tools are built using APIs, the way that the intelligence or information is passed on to them is via events or triggers. These events or triggers are a set of information using which you can create data-driven workflows and augment your email/SMS communication with aspects of personalization.

When you choose to enable certain event triggers, you’re choosing to send a packet of data to the tool/platform you’ve integrated with. For example, if you’ve enabled the back in stock trigger, the Swym platform will take that as a sign to send out information of your back in stock subscriptions to the tool/platform you’ve integrated with. This information includes data such as subscriber contact information and product information. The Swym platform also allows you to send these events in batches, making it easier for you to optimally space out your campaigns.

The information, the format and types of events that can be passed on differs slightly from one integration to another, but the basic concept remains the same. While the primary use of these events/triggers is to create personalized automated workflows to send shoppers various types of alerts and reminders (such as back in stock, price drop, low stock etc.), you can also use these events for other use cases.

Some of these additional use cases include supplementing your analytics and creating audience segments, and these depend on the limitations and features of your chosen tool/platform

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