How to enable multi-language support for Swym Back in Stock Alerts

In order to support your localization efforts, Swym Back in Stock Alerts offers multiple languages for a single site such that the shopper-facing storefront experience (i.e. the Notify Me button/form) gets automatically translated to the shopper’s language setting, as dictated by their browser.

This feature is available for Shopify stores, where the app will detect the language setting for that shopper based on their browser session settings and automatically show the form/button on the storefront in that language. If the chosen language isn’t on our supported list, the app will fall back to English. Currently, we offer automatic translation support for the following 5 languages, along with English as the default language: 

  1. German
  2. French
  3. Spanish
  4. Italian
  5. Japanese

If you’ve installed the app after 10th October 2023, the translation is enabled automatically upon app install and available on any of our paid plans. 

If you’ve installed the app before 10th October 2023 and would like to enable this feature, or need support for other languages or changes in the default translation, please reach out to us on


Is the support for multi-language limited to Shopify stores at this time?

Yes. We will extend support for BigCommerce stores in the near future. 

Is this feature only available on a paid plan?

Yes, this feature is available on all our paid plans.

When will other languages be supported as part of the automatic translation?

We plan to add support for other languages as part of our regular product updates. If there are specific languages you’d like us to enable support for, please email us at and we’ll do our best to get that added as soon as possible. 

Does this translation also apply to the Swym Admin portal?

No, the multi-language feature is limited to the online storefront at this time. The Swym Admin portal is still only available in English. We plan to extend localization support for our Admin portal in the coming months. 

Does this translation also apply to the email/SMS alerts that are sent from the app?

No, the multi-language feature is only available on the storefront at this time. If you are using an Email Service Provider (ESP), support for translating your emails/email templates based on user locale is typically handled by the ESP. You might want to check with your provider on the same.

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Let's discuss your needs!

Let's discuss your needs!