Back in Stock Alerts Customization Inspiration

There is nothing more disappointing for your shoppers than browsing-searching-sifting through products on your site and then finally finding out that the product they want to buy is out of stock. Their next step would likely be closing the browser window and abandoning their journey – which is a missed opportunity to capture a sale. An ’email me when available’ option on an out of stock product page gives you an opportunity to bring them back to your store when the product is in stock.

Scarcity promotes popularity and urgency. A back in stock email alert can prove to be a strategic tool to promote urgency and nudge shoppers to complete their purchase journey. While it is a no brainer to keep the back in stock email alert concise and  inline with your audience and brand – it is equally important that the notifier button on the out of stock product page aligns with your site’s theme and user-experience. Here are 5 examples of great customizations and features that we have implemented for merchants.

1) Keeping it simple like Socksaddict

Socksaddict like to keep their CTAs simple and easy to understand, just like their site. They chose to have the ’email me when available’ button right below the sold-out text, which is a popular option amongst our customers since it enables shoppers to quickly click-and-subscribe and delivers for a no-floating button clutter-free mobile experience. Socksaddict chose the button to be next to the sold out button via the Swym Dashboard. We then customized the button to sit right below the sold-out text, aligning in the center and keeping the button font styles and color inline with the store’s branding. Support applicable for Free plan and above

2) Allowing out-of-stock product variant selection in the pop-up

Arro Athlectics wanted shoppers to choose the product variant via the alert subscriptions pop-up. The site’s theme did not allow selection of out of stock variants, so it was important to provide that functionality via the notifier. Our support team changed the setting of the app for their store to enable the out of stock variant selection within the pop-up. We also ensured that their button was minimalistic, and fit in seamlessly with the aesthetics of their store.

Support applicable for Free plan and above

3) Adding subscribers to an email list on your ESP

Boozy really liked the idea of automatically adding back in stock alert subscribers to their mailchimp list. This enables the merchant in engaging with the shoppers by sharing news on the current offers, plus any discounts they are running, which also reduces the likelihood of the shoppers bouncing to a competitor’s site.Our Swym Dashboard allowed the customer to connect Back in Stock Product Alerts with their mailchimp account by entering the API key and the email list id. Once the feature was enabled, we did a quick check to make sure everything functioned and appeared as the customer expected.Support applicable for Starter plan and above

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4) Translating the back In Stock App

Holic Nation, an online shoe store based in Mexico, offers quality footwear for women via their Shopify site. The site is simple and minimalistic reflecting their product styles. Holic Nation wanted the ‘notify me’ button to be simple and placed next to the sold-out button —they also  wanted the In Stock Alert app button translated into Spanish.They were able to easily change the text on the ‘Notify Me’ button and on the alert subscription pop-up using the Swym Dashboard. Also, since the store is on a paid plan, we were able to assist with translating the  content of the email alert as well. Support applicable for Starter plan and above

5) Including a hyperlink in the back in stock alert pop-up

Topo Designs, offer clothing and accessories for globetrotters and travelers wanted to direct their shoppers to their B&M stores page so shoppers could check out the nearest store for stock availability. This is a great way to blend the online-offline experience. Additionally, they also wanted to customize the appearance and content of the pop-up to blend it with the store’s branding.The customer provided clear instructions and content for customizations and Swym support customized the content of the pop-up to include a link in the footer, redirecting shoppers to their list of retail stores. We also customized the font-styles, text-alignment, and dimensions of the pop-up to make sure everything was consistent with the store’s branding.
Support applicable for Pro plan and above

When shoppers sign-up for back in stock alerts, it shows a clear interest in a product and your brand. This data can be highly useful to understand popular product trends and enable follow-up with the respective vendors to make sure the stock levels remain adequate. If the re-stock quantity ever fails to meet the quantity of alert requests, our support desk can help set a minimum-threshold to guarantee that back in stock emails are only triggered as stock is replenished.

We have a lot of different features and customizations that we implement with the Swym Back in Stock Alerts app— contact us for a demo to discuss what’s possible!  If you haven’t tried the Swym Back in Stock Alerts, download the app here and feel free to test out our paid plan features with the 30-day free trial. 

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