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Back In Stock Product Alerts Lookbook

We want to ensure that our solutions align with your store’s branding, website’s theme as well as other marketing messages that you are sending to your shoppers. Did you know that Swym’s In Stock Alerts app’s UI can be customized in 9 different ways?
Below is the table of contents for your quick reference.

  1. Launch point type – Inline Form– slide 3
  2. Launch point type – Modal pop-up– slide 4
  3. Pop-up form customization– slide 5
  4. Add to mailing list feature– slide 6
  5. In Stock Alerts on Collections– slide 7
  6. Recently back in stock widget– slide 8
  7. Back in Stock Email template customization– slide 9
  8. Translating In Stock Alerts app– slide 10
  9. Custom Button implementation– slide 11

Contact the helpful folks at our support desk to get the In Stock Alerts app customized to match your store’s branding. Or, schedule a call with us for a live demo of wishlist and understand the capabilities and customization options we could offer for YOUR store.

Let's discuss your needs!

Let's discuss your needs!