Migrating to Version 3 of the Swym platform

The latest version of the Swym apps is now available with many improved features for a better user experience. All new installs are now on version (version 3). Current customers are being migrated in deliberate fashion over a couple of months. This article explains the migration process from the old version to the new version.

1. Apps Pre-check

We first check your store theme for custom code implementations using our older APIs and ensure that they are supported in the new version. If any deprecated code is found, it gets fixed in this step. We will guide you through updating your code and make sure everything is working before moving forward.

2. Data Migration

We check the data on the backend and it can be safely migrate before starting to copy the data over to the new version of our platform.

Note: The quantity of data impacts your migration timeline. Larger customer data blocks take more time. However, this won’t affect the working version of the Swym features on your store.

3. Front End References Update / App Updates

After we import your data into the new version of the platform, we begin to update the front end references on your theme. With this update, the app will move completely to the new version. This shift to the new version of the app will not cause any disruptions to your store and is instantaneous.

4. Post Migration check

After the migration is complete, we do another round of testing to ensure that everything is working as expected.

Highly Customized Implementations

For Custom Development teams that need to transition the latest version of our APIs:

  1. We suggest you install the latest version of our platform on a staging store if available, and complete your API implementation using the same theme as your live store. This ensures that we have a functional copy. We can then migrate in tandem, copying over the changes to avoid any implementation issues.
  1. For stores that do not have a staging store, we suggest you migrate to the new version of the platform and use the default app settings as a temporary step. Once the API version is ready, you can work on your custom implementation on a copy of your theme before moving it to your live store.

Since some of the older APIs still support the new version of the apps, the code changes should be minimal.

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Let's discuss your needs!

Let's discuss your needs!

Let's discuss your needs!