How To Change the Swym Back in Stock Alerts UI

The appearance and placements of the Back in Stock Alerts button can be modified to best suit the needs of your store.

(i) Button Appearance.

Please go to Dashboard > Settings > Button Configuration.

  1. You have three choices for the button template. (1) Icon and Text (2) Only text (3) Only icon.
  2. Button color can be changed using the color-picker or by entering a hex code.
  3. You can also pick the label of the button. This is the text that goes on the button. 

The dashboard view is given below:

(ii) The appearance/type of Subscription Form 

You can choose between an inline form & a button.

To change the setting, navigate  to Dashboard > Settings > Button Configuration.

A. Inline form

By selecting the “Inline form” option, your Back in Stock Alert subscription form will appear on the same page as the sold-out product. This will allow the customers to enter their details on the same page in one action.  

B. Button

If the launch point chosen is a button, it will be a button-click to complete the action. Upon clicking the button, a pop-up window will open with the subscription form.    

Button look displayed below:

Button Placement Options:

1. Right of the screen (floating button)

2. Next to or below the out of stock/sold out button

3. Left of the screen  (floating button)

Dashboard view is given below:

Back in Stock Subscription form compatibility with different themes

By default, the subscription form appears at a sold-out variant level. While some themes behave differently that affects our app display at a sold-out variant level.

  1. On some themes out of stock variants cannot be selected. Please refer to the screengrab below: (5g variant from the screengrab below is out of stock but the theme doesn’t allow that  to be selected)

If this condition is true for your ebsite, then we can customize our app setting to make our button appear on the product details page to show even if one variant is out of stock. However please note that by doing so our button will be always available on product pages even if one variant is out of stock (that is stock level =0 or less). Shoppers can select the variant via the pop-up (only sold out variants will be shown in the pop-up).

Alternatively, if you would not like our button to show unless all product variants are sold-out, you can  contact your theme developer and check how to make the out of stock variants on your store, selectable. Typically, they would be  able to provide an override that will allow this. Once the out of stock variants are selectable, we can help ensure that our button shows up correctly.

If you prefer the subscription form to appear even if one style/variant is out of stock, you can get in touch with us @

  1. In certain themes, a change in product variant does not change the variant in the URL. That makes it difficult for the apps to detect the variant and therefore does not give us the option to show the Back in Stock Alerts button. (Refer to the image below)

You would have observed that a change in the Variant resulted in a change in the URL. 

If the variant changes are not reflect in the URL, we request you to reach out to your theme developer to make this happen. Once the required changes are made, we can ensure that our button shows up correctly.

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Let's discuss your needs!

Let's discuss your needs!