How to Send Manual Back In Stock Triggers

Our paid plans support the automatic sending of emails when inventory quantity changes. The Free plan will include access to the reports of the subscription data but would not send out automatic emails for those stores.

However, on the FREE plans, we do provide a manual trigger button on any out of stock products via our Reports module that allows you to manually trigger an email when you restock a product. When that manual trigger is invoked, we verify that the product is restocked and all customers that had requested an alert for that product get notified at that point.

This can be achieved by going to Swym Dashboard > Reporting > Back in Stock Product Alerts Products. This page will present you with a list of products and the number of subscribers to each of them. 

By clicking on the button titled “Send back-in-stock Email”, it will trigger a manual email to users who have subscribed to each of the respective product.

While on a paid plan, if you would prefer the notifications to be triggered manually – we can support that too. You can simply drop a note to out our support desk at and we can help you to pause the automatic email triggers on a paid plan.

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Let's discuss your needs!

Let's discuss your needs!

Let's discuss your needs!