Session counts on Wishlist Plus

On Swym admin, navigate to Reports > Wishlist Metrics. In the Wishlist Engagement Metrics Section, there is a card marked “Wishlist Plus Sessions”.

There two metrics are – Wishlist Plus Sessions and Store Sessions while the metric in green indicated by the red box is the proportion of Wishlist Plus Sessions in the overall site traffic colume.

What are Store sessions and how does Swym measure it?

When Wishlist Plus is installed by the merchant, Swym instruments the website to count sessions. A session is defined as a series of interactions on the website that takes place within a span of 30 minutes. If there is activity beyond the 30 minutes, then Swym considers that as a new session.

If the shopper opens the website on the browser and is idle, then Swym platform considers a new session only when activity resumes beyond the 30 minute mark from the initial activity.

Swym doesn’t have the ability to differentiate between a bot and an actual shopper. Surveys suggest that nearly 40% traffic in a website is a bot or a crawler.

What are Wishlist Plus sessions and how does Swym measure it?

A group of user interactions that happens within a time frame where the user:

  • Adds a product into the Wishlist
  • Views and interacts with the Wishlist UI
  • Saves a product for later from the cart
  • Moves a product from the Saved for Later widget to cart
  • Starts the web session from an alert sent through triggered marketing events

These are sessions in which the shopper interacts with Wishlist.

Gorgias Integration - Early Access

Gift Registry- Early Access

Save for Later - Early Access

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Let's discuss your needs!

Let's discuss your needs!