Setting Up the Swym Back in Stock Alerts App On Your eCommerce Store

Thank you for installing the Swym Back in Stock Alerts app on your e-commerce store. We’ve made it simple to set up the app via a wizard.

As soon as you install the app, you will be asked to choose a plan for your store. The first step is to select the features you are interested to help guide you to the right plan.

Based on the features you’ve selected, a recommended plan will be pre-selected for you.

Consider taking advantage of our 30 day trial and checking out the Premium plan that includes almost all of the features the app has to offer. You won’t be charged until after the 30 days of your free trial period have elapsed and you can downgrade your plan at any time.

Once you’ve chosen and activated your plan, you will be guided through setting up the app.

Product Detail Page Configuration

The first step is to determine how you want present the subscribe form for out of stock products. Choose between a button that triggers a modal / popup or an inline form.

If you choose the modal / popup option, you will next determine how the button should be styled.

Next you define the text you want to display on the button and how you want it styled.

The next step is to customize the appearance of the form shoppers will fill in to sign up for alerts. The text is completely customizable.

Finally, the color and text of the form button can be adjusted.

Email Service Provider Details (Paid Plans)

Once a product comes back in stock, we will send automatic emails to all the shoppers who have subscribed an alert for that product. This step in the wizard is for configuring who that email will be sent on behalf on.

  • FROM NAME – This will be the FROM name of the sender
  • REPLY-TO EMAIL – This will be the email address that we will be set as the “Reply to” in all emails.
    • You will need to validate your email. This is to ensure that someone else is not using your email ID by mistake.
      • You will receive a confirmation email on the login that you have logged into the store with
      • Just click on the confirmation link and you are all set.
    • If you have chosen an Email Service Provider, this address will be set as the FROM email address
    • If you have chosen Swym to send the email then it will be sent from “”
  • CHOOSE EMAIL SENDER OPTIONS – Depending on which plan you’ve selected, you can configure the app to use your own Email Service provider to send the email. If that’s not needed, you can also configure Swym to send the emails on behalf of your store. We currently integrate with the following ESPs:

 Note: Please ping us if you are using some other ESP and would like us to integrate with that.

You are all done!!! This is the last step of the setup process.

Testing your Back in Stock Alert emails (Paid Plans)

To test the Swym Back in Stock Alerts app on your e-commerce store, you will need to find an out-of-stock product to test out the entire flow on. Visit this product page and sign up for an alert using the “Email me when available” button. Next, you will have to replenish stock for that product to trigger an alert. We suggest using a test product so as to not disturb the current inventory or pricing setup.

  • Ensure that the product has the ‘Quantity’ set to ‘0’ in the ‘Inventory’ section
  • From the product details page, click on the “Email me when available” button and provide the email address to receive the back in stock alert
  • Now from the store’s admin console, increase the ‘Quantity’ for that Product and ‘Save’ settings
  • You should receive a back in stock alert at the email address you had provided

Don’t forget to check the ‘Metrics’ from the Dashboard. The dashboard pulls together some smart insights about your website’s overall engagement as well as specific metrics for your In Stock Alerts app, and you can use this data to further hone your online marketing strategies.

The cool thing about Swym Back in Stock Alerts app is that not only does it help send relevant emails to your shoppers, you can also get visibility into which of your products are the most popular (based on the number of users that are subscribing to alerts for them), what kind of alerts are generating the highest engagement and who your most active users are. Sending price drop, back in stock and other product alerts can be an effective tool in your marketing armory, especially when you are looking to engage your customers in a cost-effective fashion. 

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Let's discuss your needs!

Let's discuss your needs!