How to Use Integrations to Do More With Swym Back in Stock Alerts

Swym’s Back in Stock Alerts app lets you optimize your customers’ shopping experience with automated back-in-stock and pre-order notifications. Thanks to various integrations with our technology partners, our app works with the tech stack you’re already using. These seamless integrations help you create highly targeted marketing campaigns and reach customers with relevant context across all your marketing channels. 

Getting started with integrations is easy. In this guide, we’ll discuss how you can leverage the power of integrations and the Back in Stock Alerts app to refine your e-commerce workflow and marketing. 

What Are Back in Stock Alerts Integrations? 

Our apps are available for all leading e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Bigcommerce, and more. The integrations we offer further let you combine data from your Swym apps with the analytics and marketing tools of your favorite platforms, giving you another layer of intelligence and control. These integrations connect back-in-stock intelligence and actionable data from your customers to enhance the functionality of platform features such as Shopify Flow or marketing platforms like Klaviyo, MailChimp, Postscript etc. 

With the Swym Back in Stock Alerts app, you can capture events like signing up for restock alerts and signing up for preorders as shoppers interact with your site. Then, use this intelligence to create personalized marketing or audience segments and gain insight into the products your audience loves. 

Swym’s powerful APIs can be used to connect with the platforms you already use. This connection allows data to flow freely via events or triggers. Based on these events or triggers, you can create data-driven workflows, personalize your email and SMS communication, and leverage powerful analytics and automation tools. 

What Platform Integrations Are Available? 

Swym’s Back in Stock Alerts app stands out from other back-in-stock apps by working seamlessly with the tech stack you’re already using. Our apps integrate with a variety of tools, including your email service provider (ESP), SMS service provider, customer intelligence, and other marketing platforms.

Here are all the available integrations for the Back in Stock Alerts app. 

NameTypePlan Required
HubspotCRMPro or higher
KlaviyoEmail + SMSStarter
MailchimpEmailPro or higher
OmnisendEmail Pro or higher
OptimizelyEmail Enterprise
PostscriptSMSPro or higher
Shopify FlowAutomationPro or higher

What Can I Do With Integrations?

Swym integrations elevate your brand’s potential by syncing your back-in-stock intelligence with your marketing tools. This unlocks a new world of possibilities for your marketing team, letting you understand your audiences better and personalize your communication like never before. Here are a few ways you can take advantage of Swym’s integrations. 

Create Lists and Audiences

When shoppers sign up for back-in-stock alerts through the Swym Back in Stock Alerts app, they show high buying intent. Integrations allow you to create custom audiences containing these users, who you can then reach with tailored marketing campaigns. You can also use data from our integrations to build lookalike audiences (through our Meta Pixel integration), segment your audience into highly targeted lists (through Klaviyo and other marketing platforms), and better understand your customers (through Hubspot and other CRM integrations). 

Personalize Workflows and Communication

Swym integrations “see” the actions users take on your site. This lets you create data-driven, personalized communication, which leads to more conversions and better brand loyalty. With data from our integrations, you’ll see exactly which products shoppers want when they subscribe for back-in-stock alerts. Then, you can use this data to enhance your workflows (flows), the automated sequences that are triggered when customers take a certain action. Depending on which platform you use, workflows may be referred to using different terms such as automations or sequences. 

Workflows allow you to automate further processes based on event/trigger information. This can mean that you can set up personalized messaging flows utilizing customer data or add customers to specific lists that you can study. This granular approach lets you tailor each and every message to a customer’s unique interests. Your messages then arrive at the right time with the right context to encourage users to make a purchase. 

Swym events and triggers become available in the workflow builder or your marketing platform, letting you customize SMS and email campaigns based on actions users take, such as signing up for back-in-stock alerts. You can also use these events to further refine your workflows or take further action by recommending similar products shoppers might like based on actions they’ve taken on your site using acknowledgment emails. 

Inform Marketing Campaigns 

Our integrations help you gather an incredible amount of data about your business and how your customers interact with it. This data helps you understand demand, audience demographics and interests, and intent. Swym triggers let you customize your marketing flows by sending targeted messages to shoppers who have displayed interest in certain products. When a shopper signs up for alerts, the Back in Stock Alerts app notes this action. When creating a retargeting email or social media campaign, the integration with Meta Pixel lets you utilize this trigger to set up campaigns on Facebook or Instagram. You can then send targeted messages to these users, encouraging them to return to your site and purchase the item they showed interest in once it becomes available, or to showcase similar products. This allows you to continue making sales even when the item shoppers originally wanted is out of stock. 

Events from Swym apps can also be used to build an audience based on key actions taken by users on other platforms such as Klaviyo to ensure you’re only sending personalized, targeted messaging with context users care about. Shoppers who sign up for alerts on one product may also be interested in similar products you offer. Our integrations let you use this data to help you build targeted upsell and product recommendation campaigns that you can share with your already-interested audience.

A better understanding of your business leads to more effective campaigns that target the right users at the right time. This helps you generate more conversions and optimizes the use of your marketing dollars. 

Create Omnichannel Experiences

Today’s shoppers want to interact with your brand effortlessly. Swym’s integrations let you deliver an omnichannel customer experience for your users and meet them wherever they are—including SMS, email, and more. With the data captured through our partner integrations, you can sync user activity across platforms for a consistent experience and better marketing outreach. This lets you connect with customers who subscribe for back-in-stock alerts across platforms and wherever they are most engaged.

Plus, by syncing customer data across multiple sources, you unlock the full potential of the powerful analytics tools offered by your marketing platform(s). This lets you tailor future SMS campaigns based on previous email open rates, for example, and build new audiences with the most recent picture of your audience’s interests, refine your copy based on past campaign results, and much more. With the data collected by your Swym apps, your outreach become far more impactful. 

Utilize Your First-Party Data

As privacy regulations become stricter around the world, utilizing your first-party data becomes more important than ever. Back-in-stock subscribers have already shown that they want to buy your products. Integrations let you reach these users immediately with highly personalized marketing touches to drive them toward conversion. 

Data from the Back in Stock Alerts app flows seamlessly to the platforms you already use. When users take actions on your site, they generate key points of data. This data gives you valuable insight into how they interact with your products. With new privacy regulations limiting your ability to rely on third-party cookies, this first-party data is crucial.

Integrations with popular marketing platforms let you take this data and design marketing campaigns based on the actions and interests of your actual audience—not just similar demographics. They also give you access to the platform’s powerful analytics tools to gain fresh insights about your shoppers. 


Swym’s Back in Stock Alerts app offers a large suite of tech integrations with the platforms you already use every day. These integrations give you better insight into your brand’s data and audience behaviors so you can create personalized, targeted marketing campaigns that drive conversions. 

If you need help with Back in Stock Alerts integrations, our support team is happy to help! Just reach out to us at with questions or concerns. 

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