How to Enable the Multiple List Feature

Enabling this feature lets your shoppers organize their favorites into multiple lists. When items are added to a wishlist, a popup prompts them to choose which list, or lists, to add it to. They are also given the option to create new lists. 

This feature is available on all of our paid plans for Wishlist Plus.

How to Enable Multiple Lists

In Swym Admin portal, navigate to Configure > Wishlist Plus.

Find the “Creating multiple wishlists” feature and click the “Configure” button. Click “Enable”.

To test, visit your store and go to the product catalog or collections page. Add an item to your wishlist. You should see now see a pop-up that includes the option to create a new list.

Frequently Asked Questions

My ‘Add to Wishlist’ button label doesn’t change when I click it

If the Multiple Wishlist feature has been enabled for your store, clicking the “Add to Wishlist” button does not change the label. This reminds customers they can add the same product to multiple wishlists and encourages them to do so.

Can I share multiple wishlists simultaneously via email or social media?

Customers can only share one wishlist at a time. To share a wishlist, click the three-dot menu icon and then the Share Wishlist option.

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Let's discuss your needs!

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