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Setting Up the Wishlist App on Your eCommerce Store

Why Swym Wishlist?

Customers rarely buy on their first visit, but they browse through products and are passively considering them. When your store has hundreds of products, it can be very hard for them to keep track of everything they’ve looked at and find what they were looking for the next time they come. Swym Wishlist+ makes it easier for these shoppers to ‘Pick up where they left off’. With Wishlist Plus, the shopper’s activity is intuitively organized for them via the UI module, is always available and connected to all their devices. All this without requiring your users to be logged in. We’ve made it simple to set up the app on your e-commerce store via a wizard, here is a guide to walk you through the entire setup.

How to install

As soon as you install Wishlist Plus, you will be taken to a permissions page to allow us to access your store. Once you give the app access, that will launch the app Setup wizard. There are 5 steps in the Wizard – Plan selection, General Configuration, Launch point Configuration, Product Page Configuration, and a final Confirmation step to publish the app live on your store.

Step 1: Plan Selection

Once you accept, you would be prompted to select a plan. Please choose the plan best suited to your needs. All plans have a 14-day free trial to enable you to experience all the powerful features that the app provides. Alternatively, you can also choose our free plan which includes a limited set of features and enables you to get started with the app. After selecting the plan for your store, you will be redirected to the payment confirmation page.  Upon selecting a plan and approving the charge for the same, you can continue configuring the app on the next page. Note that the app does include a 14-day free trial, so you won’t actually get charged until after the free trial period has elapsed and you can cancel at anytime during the free trial period.

Step 2: General Configuration

These are the general settings that will be reflected throughout your store.

  • Name: Name of what you want to call the Wishlist module through your store. This is the name that we will use to refer to your “Wishlist” on your store – and therefore, you’ll want to brand this module such that it appeals to your audience, i.e your loyal customer base.
  • Color: This is the default color that will be used on all the Wishlist components. Clicking on the color block will open up the color picker. You can either pick a color via the picker or enter a hex code that matches the color scheme that you use in your store.
  • Icon: This is a paid feature. The default icon is the HEART but you can pick from one of our other options or upload your custom icon. This icon is what will be used on all the product pages and launch point. If you choose Custom, you can upload your own image from your local desktop. The icon should be a PNG/JPG or GIF format, and we require an icon of size 40px * 40px.

Click CONTINUE to move to the next step in the Wizard

Step 3: Launch Point configuration

This step is for configuring the entry point to the Wishlist page.

  • Launch point type: You have 4 options for the launch point – you can configure this as it exists, a menu item,  a floating button or as a custom button.
    • ‘Existing’ option allows continuing using the existing link under my account to access their wishlist. Given the requirement to log-in & hidden nature of the link, we don’t recommend to use this option. However, some customers might prefer because users have been trained to look for it there.
    • ‘Floating‘ button is the default and is positioned on fixed places on the screen for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile (don’t worry, we’ve made sure the design is responsive and adapts itself to the device)
    • ‘Menu item‘ allows you to configure the entry point as a menu option in the navigation bar. Since every theme has the navigation differently, we show the instructions on how to enable it on your store.
  • Custom allows you to decide where you want the entry point to be on your e-commerce site. Most customers prefer it in the top header bar right next to the cart icon since it is more aesthetic and logically grouped with other functionality in the header menu. A lot of our customers typically prefer this configuration for their Wishlist, and shoppers find it more intuitive as well.
  • Preview launch point: If you want to see the preview of the Launch point configuration on a sample store, simply click on the Preview Launch Point link. This option is also available only if you choose the launch point as a FLOATING button.
    • By default, we will show the desktop view of how the launch point will look on the store
  • Clicking on the mobile icon will show how the launch point will show up in the mobile view as well

Click CONTINUE to move to the next step of the Wizard, where you’ll configure the Product page settings for the app.

Step 4: Product Page Configuration

This step in the wizard is how the “Add to wishlist” button should look in the Product pages. By default, this “Add to wishlist” button will appear next to the Add to cart button on the product page.

  • Appearance: We give you options to choose from different button styles of how the “Add to wishlist” button should appear in the product pages. The color of the button/icon is determined by the color that you picked in step 1 of the Wizard. Here are the options
    • Icon + label as a button
    • Label as a button
    • Icon only
    • Icon + label as a hyperlink
    • Label as a hyperlink
    • Alternatively, you can choose to continue using the button on your theme by turning the ‘custom’ option off.
  • Wishlist Count: This is the counter that will display the count of how many users have added that particular product to their Wishlist and helps with social proof. The count will be displayed right next to the button as shown below:

Click CONFIRM SETTINGS to complete the setup.

Step 5: Confirmation

You are all done !!! This is the last step in your Wishlist Wizard Setup

  • View wishlist on your store: This will launch a browser session to your store so you can check the Wishlist settings and make sure its configured just the way you wanted it.
  • Go to Dashboard: This is the Settings page which has a few more advanced settings. This is also the page you will land on when you come back to the Swym Dashboard ->Settings page in the future if you’d like to make any changes to your Settings.

Note: We strive really hard to work seamlessly across as many front-end themes as possible but some themes might need a bit of tweaking for the Wishlist button to show up correctly. Please reach out to us if this is the case with your store’s theme, and we can quickly fix it. At any point during the setup, help is just a click away. If  you need our help with any aspect of the setup, because the options aren’t clear, or because the app doesn’t seem to be getting installed correctly on your theme, just click the EMAIL SUPPORT button on the bottom bar and one of our helpful support agents will get back to you as soon as possible to help.

Let's discuss your needs!

Let's discuss your needs!