How and Why to Enable Marketing List Opt-Ins

Growing your marketing list is something every brand needs to focus on. Sharing news, offers, and other information with your customers is a great way to help your brand grow. But only if those customers actually want to hear from you. This is where email marketing opt-in strategies come into play. 

This type of permission-based marketing allows you to communicate with customers who subscribe with their email address or phone number. When a customer signs up for alerts on an out-of-stock product, an opt-in marketing feature allows them to confirm they want to keep hearing from you. In turn, your email list will contain higher-quality leads and you’ll build trust with your contacts. 

The Swym Back In Stock Alerts app offers plenty of opportunities to collect contact information from your shoppers. Combined with our Add Your Marketing List feature, you’re able to make the most of these interactions. When a customer signs up for back-in-stock alerts, you can give them the opportunity to subscribe to your marketing list. This is a great way to grow your email list and reach more potential buyers with your marketing efforts. 

In this document, we’ll look at why opt-in marketing is so important and how you can enable it with the Swym Back in Stock Alerts app. 

Benefits of Using Opt-In Marketing for Email

Although the idea of using email marketing opt-ins may sound daunting, the benefits are well worth the investment. Thanks to tools like Swym’s Grow Your Marketing list, you don’t have to do the heavy lifting. 

Let’s look at the benefits of opt-in marketing. 

Higher Quality Lists 

The days of buying a contact list are over. Today, you need to know if the contacts on your email marketing list are interested in what you’re offering. When you send emails to someone who isn’t interested, you’ll end up in the spam folder. That hurts your chances of connecting with other potential customers in the long run. When your emails frequently land in the spam folder or have few opens, email clients are likely to mark your messages as spam. This means customers who are actually interested in your brand won’t even have a chance to see your emails. 

But opt-in marketing ensures your email list is full of leads who want to hear from you. This helps avoid the spam folder and increases the chance of a subscriber becoming a customer after receiving your marketing emails. 

Trust with Shoppers

Just as staying out of the spam folder is crucial for your reputation, using email opt-in marketing is a sign of good faith between your brand and your audience. When a shopper willingly gives you their email address and must check a box to receive marketing emails, they immediately see that you care about their privacy. 

Better yet, you can give them a chance to tailor their experience to their wants. When you are open and transparent about what communication a shopper will receive, they become more willing to hear from you. Ultimately, this improves shoppers’ trust and creates a positive impression of your brand. 

Improved Communication

Connecting with a lead at the right time is crucial to building a strong relationship. What better time to start than the very moment they sign up for your emails? Opt-in marketing messages allow you to get in touch with your leads right away. You can use this opportunity to connect with a strong welcome email sequence or by sharing a freebie like a discount code. 

And again, setting expectations is key. When your audience knows what type of emails to expect, they won’t be confused or angry when your messages appear in their inbox. This makes them more likely to open your emails and see the stellar content inside. 

Data Privacy Compliance

Around the world, data privacy has become a hot topic. An email marketing opt-in strategy is one way your brand can stay compliant. When a user must opt-in to future communication by checking a box, you get a record of their consent. 

Since data privacy requirements are always changing, a double-opt-in strategy is even more effective. But at the very least, all shoppers should be required to opt-in to marketing communications from your brand. 

Building Audience Segments

Another fantastic application of opt-in marketing is the ability to build new audience segments for your marketing platforms, such as Meta. Using your marketing list, you’re able to create lookalike and custom audience segments to target your advertising. 

With the Back In Stock Alerts app and the Meta Pixel integration, you can use Swym actions, like subscribing for alerts, to define your audience. Retargeting shoppers with high buying intent is a powerful way to generate additional revenue. Creating new segments based on these users also allows you to target advertising toward users who are likely to be interested in your products. 

What is Double Opt-In and How Does it Work? 

If you want to achieve the gold standard of email marketing opt-ins, then a double opt-in strategy is the best route. This provides extra confirmation for each contact you add to your marketing list. 

A double opt-in feature requires users to click a link in an email they receive after giving you their information. Only after they click this link to confirm their address are they added to your marketing list. 

What is the Swym Grow Your Email List Feature?

Swym apps give shoppers a chance to provide their email addresses to receive notifications in the future. The Back in Stock Alerts app, for example, notifies shoppers when a product they want comes back in stock. Swym’s Grow Your Email List feature helps maximize the value of these interactions by letting shoppers opt-in to marketing emails at the same time. 

The feature syncs with your email service provider (ESP) to create a pre-specified list that you can use for your marketing. If you’re using Shopify, data collected by this feature is also synced with the platform via the Shopify APIs Customer resource. 

Swym users subscribed to any of our paid plans are able to use the Grow Your Email List feature. This allows you to capture and store shopper emails and information on top of the Back in Stock Alerts or Wishlist Plus apps’ main features. 

How to Enable the Grow Your Email List Feature For Swym Back in Stock Alerts

Getting started with the Grow Your Marketing List feature is easy. Simply ensure you meet the prerequisites and follow the steps below to enable it. 


Before using the Grow Your Marketing List feature, your store needs to meet a few requirements. These are outlined below: 

  1. Have a valid account with integration partners like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Omnisend, or another supported ESP. 
  2. Be subscribed to a paid Swym plan 
  3. Have your integration-specific configuration keys on hand*

*Note: This may vary depending on your ESP. You’ll need an API key or another form of authentication credentials, such as a Private Key or Public Key, or your ESP platform username and password. You’ll also need the List ID for the email list you want to send shopper info to. Certain ESPs also require specific keys, such as DotDigital’s HostName and Sailthru’s double opt-in template-id if you want to enable double opt-in marketing. Please reference your ESPs help section for specific info or reach out to our support team

How to Enable the Feature

If you’ve met the necessary prerequisites, enabling the Grow Your Marketing List feature only takes a few steps. 

1. ) First, navigate to your Swym Dashboard and find the Configure section in the left-side menu. Click “Swym Back in Stock.” 

2.) Then find the “Add to marketing list section” and click “Configure.” 

3.) Click the “Enable” button on the Add to Marketing List feature page. 

4.) From the “Choose Marketing List provider option” dropdown, select your ESP (e.g. Klavyio). 

5.) Based on your ESP, fill in the required details, such as API Key, List ID, User Name, Password, HostName, and so on. 

6.) Click “Save Changes.” 

Once you complete these steps, the Grow Your Email List feature should be active and your shoppers can start opting into your marketing list. If you have questions about the feature or need help setting it up, please contact us via email at and our customer success team will be happy to help. 

Is the Swym Grow Your Email List Feature GDPR Compliant? 

The short answer? Yes, our Grow Your Email List feature is GDPR compliant. This is a great way to respect the privacy of your customers while ensuring your marketing remains effective.

What Happens When I Turn On the Grow Your Email List Feature? 

When you enable the Grow Your Email List feature, shoppers on your site will see a new checkbox in the Back in Stock Alerts form that appears on pages for out-of-stock products. Then, when a shopper subscribes for notifications, they’ll have the ability to opt-in for email marketing. 

What Email Service Providers are Supported? 

The Grow Your Email List feature currently supports integrations with 12 ESPs. Since Swym does not offer broadcasting marketing campaigns at this time, you’ll need to be using one of these providers to take advantage of this feature. 

Certain integrations offer different features than others. For instance, some allow you to import users to a mailing list in bulk while others do not. If your ESP supports this feature, you can access it from their dashboard. 

Some ESPs also support double opt-in marketing. You may be able to enable this feature through the Swym Admin depending on your ESP. Others require you to enable it from your ESP dashboard. 

See the table below for a full list of integrations and the features they support: 

#IntegrationAdd to Mailing ListDouble Opt-in
3HubSpotYESNO (Can be enabled on the integration’s end)
5ListrakYESNO (Can be enabled on the integration’s end)
7OmetriaYESNO (Can be enabled on the integration’s end)
8OmnisendYESNO (Can be enabled on the integration’s end)
12Optimizely (previously Zaius)YESNO (Can be enabled on the integration’s end)
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