Swym Wishlist Plus Features Overview

Enable Shoppers to bookmark their favourite products, making it easy for them to pick up where they left off when they are ready! This guide provides detailed insights into the various features and functionalities of Swym Wishlist Plus. Whether you aim to capture shopper intent, nudge shoppers back to your store, simplify the shopping experience, or tailor your offerings to meet customer needs, Swym Wishlist Plus offers a comprehensive suite of tools to support your goals.

Dive in to discover how you can transform your store and create a more personalized, engaging, and profitable shopping experience for your customers.

Features Comparison Table

Capture Shopper Intent

Detailed reports & analytics
Email opt-ins
Guest Email Capture
Back in Stock alerts
Pre-order alerts
Coming Soon alerts
Save for Later

Nudge Shoppers back to your Store

Automatic Swym Mailer
Email Automation
Batch Send Alerts
ML Recommendations

Simplify Shopper Experience

Share Wishlist
Creating multiple wishlists
Collections and Quick View

Tailoring Shopper Experience

Customize Customer Accounts Page
Non English Language Support
Advanced Customization
Custom Branding
Inventory Controls
Shopify POS
JavaScript API Customizations
Similar Product Recommendations
Alternate Product Recommendations


24*5 Support

Capture Shopper Intent

1. Detailed Reports & Analytics

The Swym Admin Metrics & Reports module gives you both high-level metrics and detailed reports on Wishlist activity in your store. You’ll get data on products added to wishlists, wishlists that shoppers have shared, and alerts triggered based on the products in the wishlists. It also shows purchases made through the Wishlist feature, giving your team detailed information on customer demand and Wishlist performance. Use these insights to refine marketing strategies, optimize product offerings, and make data-driven decisions to enhance customer satisfaction and boost sales.

2. Email Opt-Ins

Effortlessly grow your marketing list by capturing emails and phone numbers from shoppers directly on your store. This feature enables you to build a robust database for future marketing efforts. With this database, you can send personalized offers, updates on new arrivals, and exclusive promotions. By staying connected with your customers, you keep them engaged and drive repeat purchases, ultimately increasing your overall sales.

3. Email Capture

Expand your reach by collecting emails from guest users who express interest in your products. This feature allows you to convert potential buyers into loyal customers by keeping them informed about product updates and special offers. Engage with a broader audience and nurture relationships that lead to increased conversions and customer loyalty.

4. Back in Stock Alerts

Ensure you never miss a sale due to out-of-stock items. Automatically notify your customers when their desired products are back in stock, prompting them to return and complete their purchases. This feature not only helps recover lost sales but also enhances customer satisfaction by keeping them informed and engaged.

5. Pre-Order Alerts

Build excitement and accelerate sales by allowing customers to pre-order products before they are available. This feature helps you gauge demand and manage inventory more effectively, ensuring a successful product launch. By creating anticipation among your shoppers, you generate buzz that can drive significant traffic and boost sales.

6. Coming Soon Alerts

Keep your customers informed about upcoming products and generate buzz before they hit the shelves. This feature helps build anticipation and ensures that your shoppers are ready to make a purchase as soon as the products become available. By maintaining a steady flow of new and exciting products, you keep your store dynamic and engaging.

7. Save for Later

Enable customers to save items for future consideration, increasing the likelihood of purchase when they are ready. This feature enhances the shopping experience by allowing customers to easily move items between their carts and save for later lists, receive personalized reminders, and keep saved items visible on the cart page.

Nudge Shoppers Back to Your Store

1. Automatic Swym Mailer

Re-engage shoppers with automated follow-up emails that remind them of their saved items. This feature ensures your store stays top-of-mind, encouraging customers to return and complete their purchases. By automating these reminders, you can boost conversion rates and drive more sales without additional manual effort.

2. Email Automation

Simplify your marketing efforts with automated email campaigns that keep shoppers engaged. Regular, personalized messages drive customers back to your store, ensuring consistent interaction and increased sales. Automating these processes helps you maintain ongoing communication with your customers, fostering loyalty and repeat business.

3. Batch Send Alerts

Efficiently manage your customer communication by sending alerts in batches. This feature ensures timely and organized notifications, keeping your shoppers informed and engaged without overwhelming them. By streamlining the alert process, you can maintain high levels of customer engagement and satisfaction.

4. ML Recommendations

Enhance the shopping experience with machine learning-driven product recommendations. By suggesting items based on individual preferences, you increase the likelihood of purchases and create a more personalized shopping journey for your customers. Leveraging machine learning, you can deliver highly relevant recommendations that drive sales and improve customer satisfaction.

5. Nudges

Use strategic prompts to remind shoppers of their interests and encourage them to complete their purchases. Timely nudges help reduce cart abandonment and increase the overall conversion rate for your store. By providing these well-timed reminders, you can significantly boost sales and enhance the customer experience.

Simplify Shopper Experience

1. Share Wishlist

Enable your customers to easily share their wishlists with friends and family through email, social media, or messaging platforms. This feature drives social proof and can attract new customers to your store through word-of-mouth recommendations. By facilitating sharing, you expand your store’s reach and increase potential sales.

2. Creating Multiple Wishlists

Allow shoppers to organize their desired items into multiple wishlists. This flexibility enhances their shopping experience by making it easier to manage and prioritize their purchases, leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased sales. By offering this feature, you cater to the diverse needs of your shoppers, improving their overall experience.

3. Collections and Quick View

Enhance your browsing experience by enabling shoppers to save items directly from collections and quick view pages. This feature ensures a seamless and convenient shopping journey, encouraging more product discoveries and purchases. By making it easy for customers to save their favorite items, you enhance their shopping experience and drive more sales.

Tailoring Shopper Experience

1. Non-English Language Support

Reach a global audience by offering multilingual support. This feature makes your store accessible to customers from different regions, helping you expand your market and increase international sales. By catering to a diverse audience, you can enhance customer satisfaction and drive growth in new markets.

2. Advanced Customization

Elevate your email marketing with our Advanced Email Customization feature. This allows you to extensively customize our pre-designed email templates to perfectly match your brand’s voice and aesthetic. Whether you choose to modify the existing templates or start from scratch with your own designs, this feature provides the flexibility and control you need to create compelling and cohesive email communications. Enhance your engagement with beautifully tailored emails that resonate with your audience and reinforce your brand identity.

3. Custom Branding

Enhance your brand identity by customizing the look and feel of your store. This feature ensures a cohesive and professional appearance, strengthening your brand presence and making a lasting impression on your customers. By aligning your store’s aesthetics with your brand, you create a memorable shopping experience that builds loyalty.

4. Inventory Controls

Optimize your inventory management by setting minimum inventory levels to trigger back-in-stock emails. This proactive approach helps you maintain stock levels and ensure that your customers are always informed about product availability, reducing missed sales opportunities. By managing inventory effectively, you can improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

5. Customize Customer Accounts Page

Personalize the customer account page by showcasing wishlisted products, recently viewed items, back-in-stock notifications, and saved-for-later products. This tailored approach makes it easier for customers to manage their interests and enhances their overall shopping experience. By offering a personalized account page, you can improve customer engagement and retention.

6. Shopify POS

Integrate with Shopify POS to synchronize your in-store and online sales channels. This seamless integration provides a unified shopping experience, making it easier to manage your business operations and serve your customers effectively. By offering a cohesive shopping experience across all channels, you can boost customer satisfaction and sales.

7. JavaScript API Customisations

Extend your store’s capabilities with custom JavaScript APIs. This feature enables advanced functionalities and allows you to tailor the shopping experience to meet specific business needs, providing a unique and engaging user experience. By leveraging custom APIs, you can enhance your store’s performance and offer innovative features to your customers.

8. Similar Product Recommendations

Increase cross-sell and upsell opportunities by using AI to suggest products similar to what customers have previously purchased. This feature leverages purchase history to make relevant recommendations, driving additional sales and improving customer satisfaction. By offering personalised recommendations, you can enhance the shopping experience and boost revenue.

9. Alternate Product Recommendations

Help customers find what they need by using AI to suggest alternative products based on their purchase history. This feature enhances the shopping experience by offering relevant alternatives, improving customer satisfaction and increasing sales. By providing tailored product suggestions, you can meet diverse customer needs and drive more conversions.


24*5 Support

Access reliable support via email five days a week. Our dedicated support team is here to help you manage your store effectively, ensuring you receive the assistance you need to resolve any issues promptly. By offering consistent and responsive support, we help you maintain smooth operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

We're stoked to see your interest in using Wishlist Plus! You'll receive an email from our team shortly to take this ahead.
We're stoked to see your interest in using Wishlist Plus! You'll receive an email from our team shortly to take this ahead.

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