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Integration Summary

The primary objective of the Swym-Hubspot integration is to enable you to capture your customers’ Swym app activity in your Hubspot CRM system and engage them with targeted messaging. Once the integration is enabled for your store, anytime a user engages with the Swym app(s) on your site, that app activity is automatically sent to your Hubspot account. This arms you with customer intelligence at a very granular level and enables you to engage your customers in personalized fashion with context that’s very relevant to them. That engagement can be through direct outreach, or via automated email campaigns you can set up inside Hubspot based on rules that are triggered.

Scope of Integration

The Swym+Hubspot integration provides the following capabilities:

  • Track Wishlist actions as part of the user’s activity feed.
  • Add new users that engage with the Swym apps to your Hubspot account
  • Allow users to opt into your marketing list on your Hubspot account
  • Set up automatic email campaigns via Hubspot for Wishlist reminders and Back in Stock and Price Drop alerts (requires the Transactional Email add-on for your Hubspot account)

How It Works

When a user adds an item to their Wishlist (via the Wishlist Plus app) or signs up for a back-in-stock alert (via the Back in Stock Product Alerts app), that activity will be added to your Hubspot CRM as part of that user’s activity feed. The activity entry will include the relevant product attributes as well as a link to the user’s Wishlist where applicable. If the user isn’t present in Hubspot CRM, the integration will create a new user based on the email address as part of the data capture action. Each user’s context gets saved as a custom property that’s attached to their profile and you can configure your user profile view to include that custom property. In addition, the user is given the option to add themselves to your marketing lists while interacting with the app. When they choose to do that, the integration will automatically add them to a pre-configured list on your Hubspot account. 

The integration enables you to send a variety of triggered emails via your Hubspot account that you can configure via the Swym Dashboard – Wishlist reminders, Back in Stock and Low Stock alerts and Price Drop notifications. You’ll need to create the email templates for these messages in your Hubspot account and update the app configuration for your store with the appropriate template-id references to ensure that any Swym triggered emails can be routed via Hubspot.


  • The Wishlist Plus and/or Back in Stock Alerts app(s) are/is installed on your e-commerce store, and on a Pro plan or higher for the app.
  • For the “Send Emails via Hubspot” feature, you’ll need the Transactional Emails add-on for your Hubspot account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Swym+Hubspot integration is available on our Pro, Premium and Enterprise plans.

Syncing the product data is beyond the scope of the Swym Hubspot integration. The events that are added to the user activity feed include the title and URL of the product and aren’t dependent on the product data residing in Hubspot as such.

While our Hubspot integration currently does not include the Engage app, that is something we are looking to add in the near future. Please email us if you are interested in this integration and we’ll keep you updated on our launch timelines.

Still have questions?

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