Wishlist Quotas

Our Wishlist Plus app offers various plans that cater to different monthly site session volumes. Each plan includes a preset number of Add to Wishlist Actions allowed in a calendar month, this is referred to as your Wishlist Quota.

What are Wishlist Actions?

One Wishlist Action is created every time a user adds an item to their wishlist on your store. The number of Wishlist Actions for your store increases by 1 each time a user adds an item to their wishlist. We only count the Add to Wishlist Actions, not the number of wishlisted items. Therefore, when a user removes an item from their wishlist, the Wishlist Actions count does not decrease. At the start of each calendar month, the Wishlist Action counter is reset to zero.

The app will keep track of each wishlist activity and compare it to your plan’s quota. If your plan’s quota is exceeded, the app will be disabled on your site until the plan is upgraded to include a larger quota or the quota is reset on the 1st of the following month.

When the wishlist usage in a given month exceeds 80% of your plan’s quota, we will proactively send an email to your admin email address, informing you of the usage levels and recommending that you upgrade to the next available plan. When you upgrade your plan, your app quota is automatically increased to the new plan’s quota.

What are the various Wishlist Plus Plans?

Our Wishlist Plus app is jam-packed with features that become more essential as your store’s monthly session volume increases. Built with scalability in mind, our app unlocks a set of features with every plan upgrade that gears you up to help expand as your business develops, maximize revenue and vastly improve your store’s shopping experience for customers. Visit our Wishlist Plus page to learn more about pricing and the features available with each plan level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my Wishlist Plus plan?

The Wishlist Plus plan can be changed from the Swym Admin panel by clicking on Dashboard at the left column and then clicking on ‘Upgrade’ underneath the current plan name. You will then be redirected to the plan selection page to carry out the upgrade. 

Note: Shopify Plus merchants require a Pro plan or above.

Does removing an item from the Wishlist impact the Quota?

If a user removes an item from their wishlist, the usage count does not decrease, as our system only counts the Add to Wishlist actions and not the number of products.

Can I block anonymous users from using the wishlist?

To access wishlist items, you can choose to make a required login mandatory. The app, however, is unable to restrict specific users from wishlisting products from your store.

Will I lose my wishlist data if I exceed my quota?

No, you will still be able to access your wishlist data. However, our buttons will no longer appear on your store’s pages.

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