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Integration Summary

SMS is a highly targeted marketing channel for reaching customers with the main focus on executing campaigns for promotional messages, events and keeping customers updated about transactions. 

Most websites today are mobile-optimized with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) as data research has shown mobile searches outnumber searches on desktops, tablets, and other devices combined. The accessibility of a mobile phone and the concise nature of an SMS means that a potential customer will respond to an SMS much faster than an email with the response time being seconds for an SMS as opposed to an hour or more for an email. Coming to open rates, SMS’s can reach 98% whereas email averages at around an open rate of 20%.

This makes it a logical next step for marketers to include SMS campaigns to increase and enhance customer reach. Anyone who isn’t including mobile-first marketing strategies is bound to miss out big on customer engagement and retention. 

The Swym+Twilio integration enables you to use the high accessibility medium of SMS as an alternative to email notifications. Send Back in Stock Product Alerts through SMS notifications to users about restocked products that ensure high open rates and exponentially better click-through rates as compared to emails. Engage your customers and improve conversions through SMS-powered engagement.

Scope of Integration

Enable Back in Stock Alerts on restocked products via SMS using your Twilio account, and keep your customers apprised of product availability on the go. 


How It Works

The Swym app leverages the Twilio APIs to send out Back in Stock Alerts to users once products are restocked. This involves provisioning the Swym integration on the Twilio account to send SMS notifications along with setting up app authentication. Post provisioning the integration in Twilio, you can customize the SMS template according to the product type and stock quantity.

Once the product restocking triggers have been set up, the Swym app keeps track of the inventory and user actions to send the relevant SMS notifications to the right set of users. The app will fetch the templates according to the product type and stock quantity and send the SMS through Twilio.


  • Back in Stock Alerts app(s) are/is installed on your e-commerce store. Note that the Swym + Twilio integration is supported on our pro plans and above.
  • Twilio Account.
  • SMS templates that are to be set up in Twilio as part of the Swym-Twilio integration.

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