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Integration Summary

Enable super-targeted, highly relevant email to drive more sales with the following:


Import and incorporate Swym shopping journey data into your Klaviyo Flow workflows. Capture customers’ email addresses via the Swym features by adding opt-in to alert forms.

Scope of Integration

The primary objective of the Swym-Klaviyo integration is to enable you to leverage your Klaviyo account to trigger and send emails that originate from the Swym app through your Klaviyo account. The Swym apps help engage your customers in personalized fashion for your store by enabling capabilities that are targeted at simplifying their shopping journeys – such as our wishlist or a back-in-stock alerts app. For each of those apps, the Klaviyo+Swym integration enables you to send contextual emails to customers based on their individual context.

By integrating with Klaviyo Flow, you can publish user context based on predefined Swym triggers to Klaviyo Flow, and automate your email sequences to engage your customers based on that context. With this, the user context/data gets passed to Klaviyo based on predefined conditions (such as an Add to Wishlist action) and you can configure the automation sequence inside Klaviyo Flow that uses that data. While this involves additional steps to define those workflows, this integration can help you add significant sophistication to your flows by taking full advantage of the power of Klaviyo Flow by adding various conditions to individualize the messages.

In addition, the integration allows your customers to opt-in to be automatically added to your store’s subscriber lists within Klaviyo with their email address while engaging with the Swym apps.


How It Works

The Swym-Klaviyo integration is pretty straight-forward and our Support team will be available to help you with the configuration. All we need is your Klaviyo-verified public API key to complete the set-up. 

1. Integrate with Klaviyo Flow

To get started, you will need to enable the integration via Swym Admin. Once you’ve done that, share wishlist and account authorization emails will no longer be sent by Swym. Be sure to build flows for both emails.

Once the integration is enabled, leverage the following marketing playbooks to enable high-performance campaigns:

For information on how to set up a flow, please refer to Klaviyo’s documentation here.

2. Add subscribers to your mailing list

Once the integration is enabled, you can allow customers to opt into your marketing subscriber lists. You’ll need to provide the List_Id that you’d like to add customers to, and we’ll configure your app settings to add to that list anytime they opt-in to receive your marketing campaigns.
Wishlist Plus was a big upgrade over the budget wishlist Sew Trendy was using before. As always the Swym team was great to work with on this project. We're thrilled with the results!
Jeff Ginsburg
Team Lead, Design & Development at Noticed

Frequently Asked Questions

The Swym-Klaviyo Integration is supported by the Back in Stock Alerts, Wishlist Plus and Engage apps at this time.

Yes, the Swym Klaviyo integration is only supported on our Pro plan and higher. 

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