Maximizing Wishlist Engagement Through Email Marketing

While it would be nice if every customer purchased on their first visit, the reality is that most shoppers make multiple visits on different devices before they commit to a purchase.

A customer browsing your site on a smartphone during their morning commute may later decide to make the purchase on their desktop at home. Wherever and however the customer interaction with your brand takes place, it has to be frictionless to effectively drive conversions. Wishlists are an excellent way to create that seamless shopping journey.

Here are some tips to help increase your Wishlist Plus customer engagement through strategic email campaigns. These could be a part of an existing email sequence, or set up based on triggers you define.

AWARENESS:  A key part of driving adoption is raising awareness of the Wishlist feature on your site, and sending personalized communication to engage your shoppers.  Attach a video, GIF, or screenshot that captures the key features of Wishlist. Drive shoppers back to your site with a CTA to take Wishlist for a test drive. Be creative with incentives and rewards. Try promotional discounts, giveaways or sweeps entries for customers who add products to their list, share their list, or follow through with a purchase. 

ENGAGEMENT:  A wishlist feature helps extend the consideration stage of online shopping and provides a way for you to offer carefully crafted follow up messages designed to bring shoppers back to to your site. Send reminder emails. {Don’t forget about Product X that you added to your wishlist!}  Price drop notifications are also effective {An item on your Wishlist is now on sale!) as well as low stock warnings (Your Wishlisted items are selling out fast!). Promotional reminders are also effective sales drivers (Can we tempt you to buy? Enjoy free shipping or 10% off any single item from your Wishlist).

SOCIAL SHARING:  Encourage social sharing of Wishlisted products through both email and social channels. Remind shoppers that they can share their Wishlist items —this is especially effective during Holiday shopping seasons. You can also share product reviews posted to your site or social channels (You have great taste! See what other customers love about Product X).

Remember to use compelling subject lines, email copy and images —and make sure every email is mobile optimized! 

Wishlist Plus is easy to install and customize, and can be fully integrated with most ESPs. Available for Shopify, Big Commerce and Magento platforms. 

We're stoked to see your interest in using Wishlist Plus! You'll receive an email from our team shortly to take this ahead.
We're stoked to see your interest in using Wishlist Plus! You'll receive an email from our team shortly to take this ahead.

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