Wishlist Reports

What reports are included with the Wishlist app?

The Reports tab is helpful to review data on how users are engaging with the products on your site. You can get more information on which products are the most popular, who are your most engaged Wishlist users, and automatic reminder emails that were sent to users based on their wishlist. 

Wishlist Products

This report gives you a summary of which products your users are engaging with as far as Add to Wishlist activity is concerned. It provides you with a list of products that were added to the wishlist, the SKU information relating to the product, how many times the product was added, the number of signed-in users that added the product to wishlist, and the last wishlisted date. 

You can click on the Product to take you to the product on your website, and also click on the number of users to give you a more detailed list of the users who had wishlisted that product.

Wishlist Users

This report provides details on which products were wishlisted, the SKU number of the product, the contact info for the user who wishlisted the product (it will be anonymous if we don’t have the users’ contact info) and the date that the product was wishlisted on. 

Sent Alerts

Provides a list of users who have received an automatic email reminder mail from you. You can either Download or print the list of alerts that were sent.

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Let's discuss your needs!

Let's discuss your needs!