How to show the ‘Save for Later’ feature only to limited users?

Wishlist Plus’ ‘Save for Later’ is one of the most revenue generating features used by business owners like you to recover revenue from abandoned carts. If you are a Wishlist Plus user, you have the option to test out the ‘Save for Later’ feature by showing it to a limited number of numbers before doing a site-wide launch.

Before we start, follow the steps in this article to ensure you have set up the ‘Save for Later’ popup. Once you have finished the steps mentioned in the article, follow the below steps to show ‘Save for Later’ only to a select number of users.

Step 1:

From your ‘Save for Later’ page, click on ‘Configure’ next to the ‘Gradual rollout’ option. 

Step 1:1:

Click on ‘Enable’ to initiate a phased release of the ‘Save for Later’ feature.

Note: By default, ‘Gradual rollout’ option is disabled.

Step 2:

Enter the percentage of users you want to show the ‘Save for Later’ feature on your website. 

Step 2.1:

Click on ‘Save Changes’ to apply the changes.

Voila! You have successfully enabled gradual rollout.

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