What are quotas in Back in Stock Alerts app

Our Back in Stock Alerts app offers various plans. Each plan includes a preset number of Back in Stock Alert Request Actions allowed in a calendar month, this is referred to as your Back in Stock Alerts quota.

What are Alert Request Actions?

One Alert Request Action is used every time a user requests an alert for an out-of-stock item on your store. The number of Request Alert Actions on your store increases by 1 each time a user subscribes to be alerted about an out-of-stock product.

The app will keep track of each Request Alert activity and compare it to your plan’s quota. If your plan’s quota is exceeded, the app will be disabled on your site until the plan is upgraded to accommodate a larger quota. The quota will reset on the 1st of every month.

Here is a look at the plan-wise monthly quotas available to you:

  • Free: Up to 50 alert requests
  • Starter: Up to 1,000 alert requests
  • Pro: Up to 10,000 alert requests
  • Pro: Up to 25,000 alert requests

When the Back in Stock Alerts usage in a given month exceeds 80% of your plan’s quota, we will send proactive emails to the admin email address for the app, informing them of the usage levels and recommending an upgrade to the next available plan. When you upgrade your plan, your quota is automatically increased to the new plan’s quota.

What plans are available for Back in Stock Alerts?

Our Back in Stock Alerts app is jam-packed with features that will help you drive sales when products are restocked. Visit our Back in Stock Alerts page to learn more about pricing and the features available with each plan level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my Back in Stock Alerts plan?

The Back in Stock Alerts plan can be changed from the Swym Admin panel by clicking on Dashboard at the left column and then clicking on ‘Change Plan’ underneath the current plan name. You will then be redirected to the plan selection page to carry out the upgrade.

Will my alerts stop getting sent if my quota is exceeded?

Yes, our app will be completely disabled once your quota is exceeded and will be re-enabled if you upgrade or on the 1st of the next month. 

Is there a way for a customer to unsubscribe from an alert, thereby increasing my quota?

No, it is not possible for a customer who has already requested alerts to unsubscribe from it. There is no way the quota can be reset once an alert event is recorded. However, your customers can click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of alert emails should they wish to stop receiving them.

Why aren’t my alerts showing up in Swym Admin?

Our BI data updates are usually a couple of hours behind. This means that there is a delay between a customer subscribing for an alert and their information being displayed on the Swym Admin panel. Kindly check our admin panel after a few hours and our reports should be updated. You can also check the Dashboard section on the Swym Admin panel to check the last 5 activities that were performed instantaneously.

I have restocked my products but my alerts aren’t being sent automatically?

One reason could be that you are on our Free plan which only supports the manual sending of Back in Stock alerts. This implies that you must log in to the Swym Admin panel and trigger the alerts manually. Automatic sending of alerts is supported on our Starter plans and above. Check out our pricing section to learn more.
If you are on our paid plans and hit quota in the previous month, then your alerts will not be triggered automatically. You need to trigger these alerts manually once your quota resets.

What happens if I delete a product that customers have subscribed to?

We did not restock any products but the alerts have been sent.

Do you have multiple locations on Shopify? By default our app will take into account the inventory update in all the locations, unless  the multi-location feature is enabled on our back in stock app.We highly recommend that you do not delete a product that your customers have subscribed to. This is because our applications use key identifiers such as Product and Variant ID to record and send alerts. Even if you re-add the product in an identical manner, Shopify will assign a different unique Product/Variant ID to it which will prevent our app from being able to send out automatic alerts. 

So, the alerts might have gotten triggered because of the restock on one of the offline locations.

Please reach out to us on support@swymcorp.com if you would like to enable the multi location feature in such a way that only the online store inventory is taken into account and we will be happy to do it for you. We support this feature on pro plan and above.

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