Back in Stock Product Alerts Quota

Each plan for the Back in Stock Product Alerts app includes a preset number of Back in Stock alert request actions allowed in a calendar month. This is what we refer to as the Back in Stock Product Alerts Quota for your plan. Every time a user requests an alert for an out of stock item on your store, that counts as one alert request action. The app will track each alert request action against the allowed quota for your plan.

If the usage exceeds the quota for your plan, the app will be disabled on the site until the plan is upgraded to increase the quota. When the Back in Stock alert request usage in a given month reaches 80% of the quota for your plan, the admin will be notified. The app will send a proactive email alerting them to the usage levels and prompting you to upgrade to the next available plan. As soon as you upgrade your plan, the app quota automatically increases to that of the new plan. You can keep track of your usage on Swym Admin.


Is there a way for a customer to unsubscribe from the alert, thereby increasing the quota?
No, it is not possible for a customer who requests to be alerted to unsubscribe for it. There is no way the quota can be reset once an alert event is recorded. 

What happens if my usage quota has been exceeded?
If the usage in any given month exceeds the specified quota for your plan and the plan hasn’t been upgraded, the app will be disabled, meaning users will no longer be able to subscribe for sold out products.

When does the usage quota for my plan get reset?
The usage count is reset back to 0 at the beginning of each calendar month.

What are the usage Quotas for the various plans?
Free: 50 Alert Request actions/month 
Starter: 1,000 Alert Request actions/month 
Pro: 10,000 Alert Request actions/month 
Premium: 25,000 Alert Request actions/month 
For Enterprise plan quotas please check with your Customer Success Manager.

Let's discuss your needs!

Let's discuss your needs!

Let's discuss your needs!