Wishlist Customization Inspirations

According to this survey by the helpful folks at ‘Inflow,’ Wishlist is one of the most popular features to have as a part of your product page design. A Wishlist can serve as a great tool for turning guest shoppers into customers and customers into loyal brand followers. Providing shoppers a convenient way to save items, helping them purchase with a click of a button, and tracking  their interests can be a powerful way to distinguish your site from your competitors.

Simply enabling a wishlist on your site is not enough though. Going a bit further and customizing the feature will help drive return visitors and conversions you want. We would like to offer some customization and feature ideas to help you make optimal use of the Wishlist tool on your eCommerce store.

Customizing the floating button – Wishlist page access point

Surfside Supply is a brand for men and women who love to live the beach life. Clearly, the brand’s focus is to keep the site simple, intuitive, and fresh. They choose to have the wishlist page access point set as a floating button placed to the right. However, the button had to be customized, so that the brand’s logo is used as an icon in the floating button, and the button sits vertically, making the text ‘Favorites’ easy to read.

Customizing the button to include their logo just took a couple of simple steps. Our team worked with  Surfside Supply, who added the logo as an icon on their theme files and sent the URL address to our support desk. We were able to quickly update their app with the customization they wanted once the path to the file was available to the app. Simple as this seems, the customization is a very powerful reinforcement of brand identity because your customers will naturally associate the Wishlist module with your brand.

Support available for Free plan and above

Added to Wishlist Notification customization

Makeup Geek showcases clean and modern content on their Shopify site. The imagery and clutter-free UI makes the journey from product selection to product purchase so much more fun. To align with their minimalistic theme, Makeup Geek wanted the notification title to be changed — they wanted only the most important product information (the Title, the Image and the Price) on the ‘Added to Wishlist Notification pop-up’ to keep the notification clutter-free and easy to read.

We adjusted the font-style on the notification and the wishlist page to match the Shopify site’s font-style. We then changed the notification header text as required by the merchant – shortening the title, and keeping it simple.

Support available for Free plan and above

Enabling a custom Add to Wishlist button

Premier Artists Collection selects and curates unique art from all over the world and brings them to an audience that values and appreciates art via their Shopify site. Everything on their site is tasteful and modest, yet brand conscious. Their site’s Shopify theme already came with an ‘Add to wishlist’ button on product pages as well as on the site’s collections pages. Our support desk simply helped wire the Wishlist Plus app to those existing custom buttons. That way the merchant had more control over the placement and appearance of the button via their theme, while the Wishlist Plus app handles the complexity of the backend logic and the Wishlist data.
To wire the app actions to a button one that is already available on your theme, our support desk would need nothing more than the CSS selector of the button. You can get this information by inspecting the button (right-click on the button in your browser window and select Inspect) and sending us that information.

Support available for Free plan and above

Top Wishlisted products widget

Lily Jade are the makers and creators of high-quality bags for modern mothers. The site reflects the brand – sophisticated yet practical, using only necessary elements. The merchant wanted a widget section on their homepage that displayed the top wishlisted products on their Shopify site, helping shoppers easily discover trending products.

We enabled the ‘Featured Favorites’ section for the merchant on their Shopify site’s homepage by leveraging the data from our platform and making sure the widget’s appearance aligns with their site’s overall design and theme. The widget can be enabled by following this blog post, or you can contact our support desk and we can take the next steps.

Support available for Pro plan and above

 Add all Wishlisted products to Cart

ViX PAULAHERMANNY is a luxury swimwear brand that offers exceptional fit and millennial styles via their chic swimwear and clothing line. The site embodies this modern sensibility by providing just enough bells and whistles to help shoppers browse, choose, and buy in a quick and seamless fashion. They contacted us with the ask to have an option that allowed their shoppers to add ‘all’ products from the wishlist page to their cart with a single click of a button from that collection. We provided them access to our rich Javascript API documentation, enabling their developers to customize the logic for that add-everything-to-cart button and wire that button to our app actions to achieve the feature integration they desired in an elegant, graceful fashion.

Support available for Premium plan and above

We understand that it is hugely important that apps like Wishlist Plus act as a touchpoint in your shopper’s journey, and can be customized to seamlessly blend with your eCommerce site’s theme. Our app offers a rich set of features and customization options that help eCommerce merchants like you modify the user interface as you see fit, to align with your brand’s needs. We would love to hear from you if you have any other Wishlist customization or feature requests that we haven’t included in this post or would like to see a demo of the app. Happy customizing!

We're stoked to see your interest in using Wishlist Plus! You'll receive an email from our team shortly to take this ahead.
We're stoked to see your interest in using Wishlist Plus! You'll receive an email from our team shortly to take this ahead.

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