AI-powered marketing automation platform that helps you provide a custom experience to every customer at every touchpoint


Enable your customers to save their favorite products for later

A smart Wishlist for your e-commerce store that maximizes each interaction shoppers have with you. Capture shopping activity as it happens and make it easy for those shoppers to continue their journey when THEY are ready.

In-Stock Alerts

Bring customers back with personalized back-in-stock alerts

An intuitive product alerts app for e-commerce stores that enables your customers to sign up for product alerts and automatically notify them when those products are updated. Includes Back in Stock, Price Drop, Low Stock alerts and more.


Capture Intent. Engage better. Sell more

Engage your customers with a truly personalized Shopping Assistant for your store based on each shopper’s context. This app combines the rich capabilities of all the other Swym apps into one single app you install on your e-commerce site.

Personalize your email campaigns based on each customer’s shopping journey

  • Enable customers to sign up for restock alerts on out-of-stock and pre-order products
  • Automatically notify them when those products come back in stock
  • Capture customers’ email addresses via the Swym apps, and allow them to sign up for your email newsletters

Scope of Integration

The Swym integration with ReSci enables shoppers on your site to sign up for back-in-stock alerts on products that are currently out of stock, and automatically emails them when those products are restocked


The Swym-ReSci integration requires the In Stock Alerts app to be installed on your store, and the Premium plan of the app activated for your store

Configuration Steps:

  1. Install the Swym Back-in-Stock Plugin in Cortex’s Integrations Center
  2. Generate a new ReSci API key for the Swym integration (key will be provisioned once you install the plugin in the previous step)
  3. Build your Back-in-Stock email in Cortex (*Please Note:* This email must be created before enabling the integration as the Template Id is needed for entering into Swym to enable the integration)
  4. Install the In Stock Alerts app on your store – you can navigate from the app page to the installer bundle for your e-commerce platform.
  5. Contact Swym support with the API key and the Template Id to enable the Swym x ReSci integration
  6. Enter the ReSci API Key and Template Id for the Back-in-Stock email in Cortex

For more details on completing the above steps, please refer to the Integration Documentation here

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Swym apps currently support the ReSci Integration?

The Swym-ReSci Integration is currently available on the In Stock Alerts app. We are actively working on enabling support for the Wishlist Plus and Engage apps as well, please get in touch with us if you are interested in those at at this time

Do we need to be on a paid plan for this integration to work?

Yes, the Swym ReSci integration requires the Premium plan on whichever Swym app you are looking to integrate

Still have questions?

Looking for more specifics on our technology integrations? Please review our Help documentation, or email us with your query

Helping e-commerce brands craft a more seamless experience for their customers

Helping e-commerce brands craft a more seamless experience for their customers

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