Five showcase implementations that leverage the Swym JS APIs

Here are five showcase implementations that leverage the Swym JS APIs. This can be a great resource to spark some ideas for how you can leverage the Swym APIs for your use-case to create seamless experiences for your store.

Let’s go over each of the implementations shown here and see how these can be implemented using the Swym APIs –

Best Choice Products

  1. Best Choice Products allows users to create projects and group their wishlist items into those projects.
  2. This flow begins on the product page. On clicking the wishlist button, user is prompted with a dialog to choose the projects they would like to add the current product, as shown in the presentation.
  3. This dialog needs 2 Swym APIs – first to fetch all user projects and the second to add the product to the selected projects.
  4. Once products are added to the wishlist, they are organized on the wishlist page with respect to projects. This needs the Swym API that fetches all products for a particular collection.
  5. The wishlist page also includes the ability to add products to cart and remove products from a project.
  6. Lastly, the envelope icon on the right allows users to share their projects with family and friends using email. This uses the sendEmailWishlist API. Wishlist can also be shared on social media using this API.

Pele Soccer

  1. Pele Soccer features a clean wishlist page with product tiles showing each product’s compare at price and current price. Also, the “SALE” tags on the tiles help create a sense of urgency.
  2. Wishlist products are fetched using this API, share feature is implemented using this API and the product’s current compare at price and actual price are pulled using getProductDetails API. GetProductDetails API returns the complete product object pulled from the platform, be it Shopify, Bigcommerce or Magento.
  3. With Engage, you can show product updates for each product without doing any heavy-lifting on your end. Our APIs will return whether a particular product is recently back in stock, has a price drop, has a new review or is currently trending across the store. Install the Engage app on your store and get in touch with us to get beta access to our product updates API.

Heidi Daus

  1. Heidi daus has a minimal product tile with just two call to actions, other than redirecting to the product page on click – remove from wishlist and quick view.
  2. Removing from wishlist can be accomplished using this API and the quick view popup can be invoked using this API. This quick view will allow shoppers to dig deeper into the product and pick the variant they want to move to cart.


  1. Naadam has a custom popup that shows up on click of the “Notify me when available” button for an out-of-stock product.
  2. If you want to invoke the default In Stock Alerts popup using your own custom “notify me” button, please use this API.
  3. Naadam has built the popup using custom code as well and they use the Swym API inside the popup to register the final request of the shopper with Swym to let them know when the product comes back in stock. This is done using this API. This API allows you to control the out of stock product page experience completely on your end. You can even use an embedded form on the page, instead of a popup.

Spiritual Gangster

  1. Spiritual Gangster’s wishlist page has a variant selector that allows the shopper to pick a variant and add it to cart.
  2. First, the variant information can be fetched using the getProductDetails API. Next, the correct variant can be added to cart using this API.
  3. The count of wishlist items shown next to the page title can be populated using this API.

We hope this showcase gave you ideas you can take back to your brand. If you have questions for us, please get in touch using the “Submit a Ticket” button on the navigation bar.

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We're stoked to see your interest in using Wishlist Plus! You'll receive an email from our team shortly to take this ahead.

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