Enabling the Twilio Integration

The objective of the Swym-Twilio integration is to use SMS as an alternative marketing tool to email campaigns. The open rate for an SMS is as high as 98% when compared to emails which are at just 20%. SMS also sees 6x more click through rates than emails. Keeping in mind the accessibility and nature of a text message, the average customer response to an SMS is 90 seconds, whereas an email could be as high as 90 minutes or more.

Back in Stock Alerts can be set up to capture the phone number of your customer along with their email ID to inform them when products they like come back in stock. The phone number is captured when your customer chooses to ‘opt-in’, adding their number to the whitelist and enabling you to notify them via SMS when a product is back in stock.

The steps to enable the Twilio integration are very simple and take only a few minutes.

  • Login to Swym Admin and click on ‘Send back-in-stock SMS alerts’ under Marketing Features.
  • This will take you to the page where you can set up your SMS alerts. At this point, you will need to get your authentication details from Twilio.
  • Login to your Twilio account and under Dashboard, you will find your Account SID and Auth Token.
  • Once you have the authentication details, paste it in Swym Admin. Don’t forget to click on ‘save details’, before you enable it.
  • You can next customize the text your customer will see. To make changes to the appearance of your SMS form, click on the link that says ‘Customize Appearance’.
  • In this step, you can set up the SMS template that all your back in stock alert texts will follow. You can insert the tags ‘Product Title’ or ‘Page URL’ anywhere in your SMS template to customize the messages your customers receive.
  • Click on ‘Save Changes‘ and your Swym-Twilio Integration is live!

If you need any further help with your integration, please contact support@swymcorp.com

Note: Twilio requires Toll-free numbers in the US and Canada to be verified for the best delivery experience. Unverified numbers will have a daily limit of 2,000 messages. For more information, take a look at this Twilio help document.


What are the regions offering the Twilio integration feature?

The Swym+Twilio integration is currently available in the US and Canada.

Which Swym app plans support the Twilio integration?

The Swym+Twilio integration is available on our Pro plans and above.

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We're stoked to see your interest in using Wishlist Plus! You'll receive an email from our team shortly to take this ahead.

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