Transform your email campaigns into

The Swym Solution

Make it easier to engage with your emails on Mobile

Mobile Optimized Actions

Swym powered actions make mobile interactions easier for your customers while leveraging the power of the smartphone.

Two way conversation

Transform your email campaigns into truly interactive experiences.

Seamless experiences

Create experiences that adapt to your customers multi-device behavior.

Fine Grained Insights

Gain valuable insights into pre-click behavior while overcoming challenges with mobile data gathering.


We work with any ESP and require no change to your existing workflow.

No I.T. dependencies

Adding a Swym action takes a couple of simple steps, and no help from IT.

Percent of Emails Opened On Mobile

Mobile revenue per open versus Desktop


25,000 User Actions
3 Action Types
20 Campaigns
Standard Reporting
Additional Actions $.02
50,000 User Actions
Unlimited Action Types
Unlimited Campaigns
Custom Reporting
Additional Actions $.015
Let's discuss
TBD User Actions
Unlimited Action Types
Unlimited Campaigns
Custom Reporting
Additional Actions TBD

Be live with your first Swym action in 24 hours and see an immediate, measurable lift in your email ROI.

About Us

We are big believers in email. Especially its ability to enable lasting, connected relationships with consumers. We are also very excited about the rapid consumer adoption of mobile devices. We now live in a mobile-first world, and marketers need to find compelling ways to engage with consumers on these devices. While some may choose to see that shift as a challenge, we firmly believe it is an opportunity. An opportunity to simplify the consumer experience, to bring greater value to consumers and to build meaningful personal connections with them.

At Swym we fully embrace the opportunity to help you transform your campaigns into engaging mobile experiences for your customers. With a passionate founding team that has spent the last several years building similar game-changing products and solutions at some of the leading companies in the space, we are extremely well-positioned to deliver on that promise. Partnering with you, the marketer, we look forward to powering the next-gen email experience.

Swym is a privately-held corporation headquartered in Santa Clara, CA with offices in Bellevue, WA.


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