Seamless multi-device shopping journeys for Ecommerce sites

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Wishlist Plus

Help Shoppers Pick Up Where They Left Off

Wishlist+, an intuitive wishlist app for Shopify stores that maximizes each interaction shoppers have with you. Capture shopping activity as it happens and make it easy for your shoppers to continue their journey when THEY are ready

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In Stock Alerts

Send Shoppers Back-In-Stock and Price Drop Alerts

Swym’s In Stock Alerts app for Shopify stores allows shoppers to subscribe for product alerts. They instantly receive alerts for Back in stock, Price Drops, new Product Listings and more when you update the Products on your store

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Receive hand-curated content from across the e-commerce industry

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Access key website performance metrics

Take advantage of Swym’s intuitive dashboard that reflect key website performance metrics. Quick access to smart data for smarter marketing decisions for your Shopify store.

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1000+ Shopify Stores across the world
1mn+ shopper actions captured per week
$10mn+ Revenue flowing through our platform
20% Lift in Avg Revenue/User

Overcome login barrier

Guest users can ‘Add to Wishlist’ and capture shopping activity without logging in, even when they switch between devices

Embed an ‘Add to Wishlist’ action on any online marketing channel

Leverage channel traffic by allowing shoppers to add an item to their wishlist directly, from the channel they are on

Allow shoppers to share wishlist

Shoppers can share their wishlist with friends and family by providing an e-mail id – within the wishlist app

Enable ‘Fave counter’ to show product popularity

Shoppers can see how many times has the item been wishlisted by other shoppers – enhancing wishlist engagement

Passion for Seamless Shopping Journeys

We are now officially in a multi-device world. 2 in 3 e-commerce shoppers start their interaction on one device, likely their smartphone, and continue that journey on another. As marketers competing for consumers’ attention in an increasingly noisy setting, it is imperative that we make those journeys seamless experiences, regardless of what device your customers are on. That’s the mission we are obsessed with at Swym – creating delightfully seamless shopping journeys for your customers.

With a passionate founding team that has spent the last several years building similar game-changing products and solutions at some of the world’s leading companies in the space, we are extremely well positioned to deliver on that promise. Together with you, we look forward to making cross-device continuity a natural element of your brand experience, for your shoppers.

“We have loved having Wishlist Plus integrated into our store! Setup was extremely easy and the availability of support has been excellent! As a children’s clothing company we are very excited to utilize the sharing of Wishlists in forming baby registries for new parents. Thank you Swym!”

Little Hippie
March 14, 2017

“Awesome customer service…had an issue with integrating Wishlist Plus into our theme and within an hour they had identifed and resolved the issue. Additionally, they conducted a follow-up review of our site a week later and found a cosmetic bug and resolved it as well. Highly recommended!”

March 14, 2017

“Love Swym and their support! We were looking for an unobtrusive wishlist or favoriting app in the store and after much evaluation decided on Wishlist Plus. Their support is nothing short of stellar and they’ve been a pleasure to integrate with. We are seeing huge adoption and engagement of customers curating their favorites. Great app!”

March 13, 2017