SMS Marketing for Shopify

The Swym-Postscript integration enables you to collect SMS subscriptions for back in stock alerts on sold out products. When the products are restocked, the Swym platform leverages the integration to send SMS alerts to those subscribers, letting them know the product is back in stock.


What is Postscript?

Postscript provides enterprise SMS marketing solutions for e-commerce. Trusted by over 8,500 Shopify and Shopify Plus stores like Brooklinen, Kopari, and Dr. Squatch. Postscript gives ecommerce brands the tools they need to run a world-class SMS marketing program. Within minutes you can sync data, start collecting compliant subscribers, have 2-way conversations, and enable deeply targeted campaigns.

It allows users to easily create and manage SMS marketing campaigns with detailed analytics to improve sales and revenue. It plugs into e-commerce businesses and helps overcome declining email engagement by sending customers targeted and customizable SMS marketing.


Integration Summary

The Swym-Postscript integration enables the following:

  • Collect SMS alert subscriptions for out of stock products
  • Send SMS subscription acknowledgments
  • Send SMS alerts via Postscript when products are back in stock
  • Send SMS reminder alerts via Postscript for the same back-in-stock products

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How to Get Started

If you’re interested in using the Swym-Postscript integration for your e-commerce site, it’s easy to get started. We’ve written an in-depth marketing playbook explaining how to send SMS back in stock alerts emails via Postscript. Our friends at Postscript have also published an article explaining how to enable the integration.

Should you run into any issues our support team is here to help. Simply email us at for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Swym-Postscript integration is supported by the Swym Back in Stock Alerts app.

The Postscript integration is available on Swym Pro plans and above. 

Still have questions?

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