Wishlist Plus

Help Shoppers pick up where they left off

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Enable more than just a wishlist app for your Shopify store

Shoppers can ‘Add to Wishlist’, PLUS, capture shopping activity and pick-up from their previous session


Stores with Wishlist+ Installed


Total Wishlist Actions to date

25, 000+

Total Products added to Wishlist


Number of Wishlist Users

Overcome login barrier

Guest users can ‘Add to Wishlist’ and capture shopping activity without logging in, even when they switch between devices

Embed an ‘Add to Wishlist’ action on any online marketing channel

Leverage channel traffic by allowing shoppers to add an item to their wishlist directly, from the channel they are on

Allow shoppers to share wishlist

Shoppers can share their wishlist with friends and family by providing an e-mail id – within the wishlist app

Enable ‘Fave counter’ to show product popularity

Shoppers can see how many times has the item been wishlisted by other shoppers – enhancing wishlist engagement

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Customize your Shopify Wishlist+

Customize your Shopify Wishlist+ to suit your website’s branding and theme – in just 5 clicks

Get Wishlist Plus

Help your shoppers pick up where they left off

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Easy, code-free setup
Up to 100 wishlist items/mo
Share Wishlist via Email
Metrics Dashboard
Configurable Wishlist module



Up to 1000 wishlist items/mo
Detailed Engagement Reports
Share Wishlist via Social Media
Non-English language support
Send Wishlist Reminder Emails



Up to 50000 wishlist items/mo
Customize Email Templates
ESP Integration
Cross-Device Analytics
JavaScript APIs for customization


Need help choosing a plan? Here are the 3 key considerations

Wishlist Usage

The more your customers use the Wishlist feature, the more value you get out of the app – in a variety of ways. Here’s the total number of items shoppers can add to your store’s Wishlist+ module in total (each month):

  • FREE – Up to 100 items
  • STARTER – Up to 1000 items
  • PRO – Up to 10000 items

Wishlist usage on your site is a strong reflection of purchase intent from your shoppers. And it typically tends to depend on your site traffic and the nature of your inventory (How many varied SKUs do you have? Do your products tend to get purchased after a fair bit of consideration? What is the price point? etc.). As a general guideline, we see about 1-2% of site visits resulting in a Wishlist action – that varies by category, segment etc. of course, but you can use that to estimate Wishlist usage for your site and choose the right plan.

If you are just starting out (Site traffic is less than 1k visits per month), the FREE plan will give you plenty of Wishlist capacity and is a great place to start – and you can move to higher plans as your site traffic/usage goes up over time.


We’ve designed the Wishlist+ module to be richly customizable because we believe it has to reflect your brand’s personality and blend seamlessly with your site. And this includes everything from the name for the module, the skin colors, the fonts, and even including the automatic triggered emails that get sent from the module.

The FREE plan comes with a very compelling set of customization options and will help cover the vast majority of common scenarios but if you’d like to do something special, the paid plans offer increasing levels of sophistication as far as the customization goes.

And with the STARTER and PRO plans, we can help you set up a fully customized Wishlist module that uniquely reflects your brand. Both plans include complimentary customization assistance to help get the module setup EXACTLY the way you want it.


Having full visibility into how your shoppers are engaging with the Wishlist+ module on your site, which are the most popular products, who are the most engaging users etc is vitally important to delivering a best-in-class experience for them and therefore maximizing your store’s revenue.

With our FREE plan, you’ll get access to our Metrics Dashboard with a data retention period of 30 days.

Both our paid plans (STARTER and PRO) include a full set of detailed engagement reports that help you uncover all the key aspects of how shoppers are engaging on your site. These reports will be critically useful both from a marketing/targeting perspective as well as from a buyer’s perspective in terms of understanding which products are the most in-demand.

Here’s what our customers have to say about Wishlist+


  • This is the best Wishlist option for any Shopify store. It is easy to set up and the customer support I received was fantastic! We have a very customized store, and wanted to use this Wishlist as part of a marketing strategy. They helped us get it where we needed it to be! Thank You to the Swym Team!

    Bold Marketplace
  • The perfect wishlist app! Super easy to install, gives great insights/reports and the customer service is spectacular! I had a couple of issues getting access to the app because of changes on my shopify store and they were so quick to help by not only showing me what I did wrong, but fixing it for me too! The support and app functionality continue to impress me! Check it out on my store!

    Tynk Outdoor Dogs Wear
  • Hey, this is really slick—and super easy to implement. Plus, when I had a question about one minor tech issue they got back to me immediately and solved it. Can't wait to see what they've got up their sleeve for the paid version. 🙂

  • WOW - fantastic service from the Swym Team. I mentioned a couple of improvements and within a couple of hours one important one had been implemented for us. The other improvement is on their list already so we are happy to wait for it. I can't rate their service higher than five stars but a big thanks from us here at www.truetalon.com

    True Talon
  • I'm a huge fan of Swym! I first installed their back in stock notification app and loved the app and customer support so much, I wanted to add the wishlist feature to my store as well. Wishlist was easy to install and looks great with my store's theme. The Swym support team was a huge help and made a few adjustments to the app's appearance and placement on my site. Thanks for a great app with even better customer support, Swym!

    Meghan Evans