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Shoppers subscribe to a product – and get automatic email alerts with updates

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Re-Engage with your customers

Shoppers can subscribe to a product and when they get the alerts, they come back to the site increasing sales

Send ‘Back-in-stock’ alerts

Shoppers subscribe for an alerts and get notified when the product is back-in-stock. Turn interest to purchase with relevant messaging

Key performance metrics

Take advantage of Swym’s intuitive dashboard that reflect key website performance metrics for smarter marketing decisions for your store

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Customize your In stock alerts app

Customize your In stock alerts app to suit your website’s branding and theme – in just 5 clicks

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Allow users to sign up for alerts
Up to 50 alert requests per month
Send manual ‘Back-in-Stock’ alerts
Detailed Reports & Analytics



All FREE Features
Up to 250 alert requests per month
Send automatic ‘Back-in-Stock’ alerts
Let Swym send emails on your behalf



All STARTER Features
Up to 1000 request alerts per month
Custom Branding
Simple Email Template customization


Need help choosing a plan? Here are the 3 key considerations

In Stock Alerts Usage

The more your customers sign up for product alerts, the more value you get out of the app – in a variety of ways. Here’s the total number of alerts shoppers can add on your store (each month):

  • FREE – Up to 50 alerts
  • STARTER – Up to 250 alerts
  • PRO – Up to 1000 alerts
  • PREMIUM – Up to 5000 alerts

Signing up for alerts is a strong reflection of purchase intent from your shoppers, and gives you solid insights into which products are the most in demand. The level of engagement you get from your customers to sign up for these alerts typically depends on your site traffic and the popularity of your products. As a general guideline, we see about 1-2% of site visits resulting in customers signing up for a product alert – that varies by category, segment etc. of course, but you can use that to estimate app engagement/usage for your site and choose the right plan from amongst the available options

If you are just starting out (Site traffic is less than 1k visits per month), the FREE plan will give you plenty of capacity for alerts, and is a great place to start – and you can move to higher plans as your site traffic/usage goes up over time. One aspect to keep in mind is that the FREE plan doesn’t automatically send email but makes the data available to you on which users are requesting what alerts. That way, when you do restock, you can directly notify those users with a personal email that a product they were interested in is now back in stock. You can manually trigger alerts for a product from your In Stock Alerts Products report on the Swym Dashboard – find the product you just restocked, and click Send Mail to trigger alerts for the product you just restocked. However, if you have a lot of frequent inventory updates and you prefer to have emails go out automatically, choose one of the paid plans based on your volume. In addition, all the paid plans also give you the ability to add these users that are requesting the alerts to your marketing email lists


We’ve designed the In Stock Alerts module (button, popup, email templates etc.)  to be customizable because we believe it has to reflect your brand’s personality and blend seamlessly with your site.

The FREE plan comes with a very compelling set of customization options and will help cover the vast majority of common scenarios but if you’d like to do something special, the paid plans offer increasing levels of sophistication as far as the customization goes.

With the STARTER plan, you get to configure the look and feel of the button and the confirmation popup, and you can translate the text to align with your brand positioning (and/or language). In addition, the Starter plan also supports some basic customization of the emails that get sent.

The PRO plan gives you the ability to make simple customization changes to your email template (add a logo, change the header and footer of your email template etc.)  and also removes any references to “Powered by Swym”.

For extensive customization of the emails (such as providing your own custom template) and being able to send the emails via your Email Service Provider, the PREMIUM plan is your best bet. This is helpful when you want to email your customers from your own domain (, rather than via Swym because that trust has already been established with them.


Having full visibility into how your shoppers are engaging with the In Stock Alerts module on your site, which are the most popular products, who are the most engaging users etc is vitally important to delivering a best-in-class experience for them and therefore maximizing your store’s revenue.

With our FREE plan, you’ll get access to our Metrics Dashboard and reports on which users subscribed to alerts on which products, with a data retention period of 30 days.

All our paid plans (STARTER, PRO and PREMIUM) include a full set of detailed engagement reports that help you uncover all the key aspects of which products are in demand, and which shoppers are engaging with the app. These reports will be critically useful both from a marketing/targeting perspective as well as from a buyer’s perspective in terms of understanding which products are the most in-demand.

Here’s what our customers have to say about In Stock Alerts+


  • Just installed the app and so far am very impressed. Developer support has been unbelievably good. Highly Recommend!!

    Procab Cables
  • I recently installed the free version of this app. Install was easy and fast, but I wanted to make a couple of tweaks to the way it appeared on my website that I was unable to do via the dashboard so I contacted customer Swym's customer service. They quickly made all requested changes and were great to work with! I highly recommend this app and developer!

    Meghan Evans
  • The support was amazing. Every time I've had an issue they have solved it in a matter of minutes, which is great and necessary when running an online store. They translated a couple of things that I needed to be translated and made some more changes for free that I really appreciated. Very happy with this app.

  • In Stock Alerts is a brilliant app that allows you to update customers who are interested in a specific product. It's a great sales tool that allows you to maximise revenue by following up on 'warm' customers. Easy to deploy, with a simple and understand interface, it's a great addition to our Shopify store. Swym's customer support is exceptional and responsive, so you can deploy the app with the confidence that you won't be left scratching your head if you do encounter any integration challenges.

  • I absolutely love this app, it is really useful. I have used it on my site for when Customers want to be automatically notified when an item is back in stock in their size and they can also add it to their wishlist. You can see it here in action - pick a size that is out of stock and you will see what happens on the product page. It is really cool and the options in the backend are awesome as well. Highly recommended. Thank you guys, brilliant!

    Fashion Favorites