In stock alerts

Shoppers subscribe to a product – and get automatic email alerts with updates

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Re-Engage with your customers

Shoppers can subscribe to a product and when they get the alerts, they come back to the site increasing sales

Send ‘Back-in-stock’ alerts

Shoppers subscribe for an alerts and get notified when the product is back-in-stock. Turn interest to purchase with relevant messaging

Initiate more sales with other product alerts

Need more relevant reasons to interact with your shoppers? PREMIUM users can send other product email alerts such as addition of new listing, trending products and more

Send ‘Price-drop’ alerts

Running a sale? Quickly notify dormant shoppers with personalized price-drop email alerts, and notice the boost in website traffic and sales

Access key website performance metrics

Take advantage of Swym’s intuitive dashboard that reflect key website performance metrics. Quick access to smart data for smarter marketing decisions for your Shopify store

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Customize your In stock alerts app

Customize your In stock alerts app to suit your website’s branding and theme – in just 5 clicks

Get In stock alerts app

Help your shoppers pick up where they left off

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Allow users to sign up for alerts
Up to 50 alert requests per month
Detailed Product/User Reports
Performance Metrics/Analytics



All FREE Features
Up to 250 alert requests per month
Send automatic ‘Back-in-Stock’ alerts
Let Swym send emails on your behalf



All STARTER Features
Up to 1000 request alerts per month
Custom Branding
Simple Email Template customization