Introducing: Swym + Ometria Integration

We are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Ometria to make personalized marketing easier than ever. This integration enables you to turn Swym data generated by your customers into automated campaigns and flows inside Ometria’s suite of email tools. 

From wishlist reminders to back-in-stock alerts, your e-commerce site’s marketing will be more personal than ever.

Customers who feel valued are more likely to purchase something. With the Swym + Ometria integration, each shopper becomes the center of your marketing. 

The Swym + Ometria integration allows you to: 

  • Create custom events and triggers
  • Pull data from our Wishlist Plus and Swym Back in Stock Alerts apps
  • Design automated email campaigns with Swym shopping journey data
  • Automate wishlist reminders, back-in-stock alerts, coming soon campaigns
  • …and much more!

Turn Shoppers into Buyers

Every e-commerce brand needs to be able to target customers with the right content on the right channel at the right moment in the customer journey. Ometria provides all that and more. Trusted by the likes of Steve Madden and Hotel Chocolat, it helps brands deliver optimized marketing experiences to their shoppers.

Thanks to our new integration, Swym customers can now combine the power of Ometria’s Customer Data and Marketing Platform with actionable data from the Wishlist Plus and Back in Stock Alerts apps.

“Partnering with a market-leading team like Ometria has been a real pleasure for our team.” says Arvind Krishnan, Swym’s CEO. “Our shared customers will see immediate ROI by combining Swym shopping journey data with Ometria’s data-driven marketing campaigns.”

Swym’s shopper data enables defined, highly-targeted triggers for your marketing campaigns. Ometria’s smart flows and AI-driven tools convert your shoppers into buyers.

Marketing isn’t all you can do, though.

The Swym + Ometria integration also helps grow your audience. Use it to grow your mailing list and segment customers based on their interests to personalize your marketing. Your customers will never be more than a click away from their favorite products.

“Integrating Swym’s best-in-class Wishlist Plus and Back in Stock Alert apps with Ometria give our clients flexibility to meet their customers at the right time with the right message,” says Djalal Lougouev, Ometria’s Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder. “We are delighted to work with the team there and serve our mutual customers better together.”

Targeted Touches, Proven Results

Our e-commerce apps help you gather actionable data while your customers shop. They also create a better experience by adding useful features like wishlists and back-in-stock alerts.

Now, the apps your customers are already using give your marketing team a big advantage.

Paired with the Ometria integration, you can send personalized marketing emails at scale–no matter the size of your business.

Whether you’re updating 20 users about their wishlists or reminding 20,000 about your upcoming product launch, this integration has you covered.

Get Started Today

The Swym x Ometria integration is available now for all Enterprise customers. To learn more about how it works and how your business can benefit, check out these resources:

Contact our support team to get started today and start harnessing the power of personalized email marketing driven by Swym data.


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We're stoked to see your interest in using Wishlist Plus! You'll receive an email from our team shortly to take this ahead.
We're stoked to see your interest in using Wishlist Plus! You'll receive an email from our team shortly to take this ahead.

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