Reporting Enhancements in Swym Admin

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A reporting dashboard in e-commerce is a visual representation of a company’s online sales metrics. E-commerce sales metrics such as the ones available in Swym Admin are critical to helping an enterprise measure important metrics. These include the success of an enterprise’s online visibility, web content, product pages, and product offerings.

The reporting dashboard is based on live data in Swym’s platform, enabling users to benefit from instant reports in real-time instead of waiting. We at Swym have enhanced our reporting dashboard to provide more efficient reporting and a smoother user experience. Here are some of those improvements:

UX and Design

User experience and design of the Swym platform has been enhanced in these aspects:

Content and Layout

We have introduced a card-based hierarchical display to make it easy for the users to analyze data along with a visual list of online products and users.

Content grouping for reports (under Wishlist Plus / BiS Product Alerts)

Content Grouping

Improvements in data table features (content links, sort, filters, and grouping on product level and variant level)


One of the cornerstones of UI design is usability, including navigation. This is why ease-of-navigation is so important, as it enables users to explore and enjoy the product. We at Swym understand that easy and convenient navigation enables users to accomplish more. We have implemented sidebar-based navigation to enhance ease of use and convenience.

There are interactive table items in data tables that function as automatic filters on clicks enabling users to narrow down search results for finding elements of interest. There is also proper pagination that has been added to facilitate better navigation within search results and pages within the interface.

Visual Design

The online shopping experience for users depends to a large extent on color schemes and typography for enhanced readability and contrast. The Swym platform has updated color schemes and visual elements such as icons and illustrations to help the user identify things easier. 

Front End Efficiency 

To ensure that the Swym integration can deliver enhanced user experience and performance we have incorporated the following:

  • Content is loaded from the backend only if its display is in viewport which leads to a reduced number of API calls
  • Using hooks for faster page rendering
  • Using a single consolidated database


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We're stoked to see your interest in using Wishlist Plus! You'll receive an email from our team shortly to take this ahead.

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