Using Wishlist activity for remarketing campaigns

Adding Wishlist Plus to your site is an excellent way to identify and segment customers who are engaged but may be on the fence about a purchase.

This creates the perfect opportunity for some highly targeted remarketing  efforts.  A shopper’s Wishlist activity enables you to use behavioral segmentation, and target users that have tagged specific products on your site. Unlike with social ad retargeting, remarketing using Wishlist data lets you to easily tap into this very specific segment of shoppers —actively engaged and displaying an intent to purchase, as opposed to merely browsing. 

Remarketing based on Wishlist activity is highly effective. Because the customer may still be in the consideration part of their journey, you can successfully re-engage multiple times and in multiple ways. Be creative. Use remarketing to remind them about the products they liked enough to add to their Wishlist. Because it’s so specific and so far down the funnel, it will yield great results.

Consider the following tips to help move Wishlisters down the path to purchase.

Emails are the most popular form of remarketing, and allow you to directly engage with your Wishlisters in a personalized way. Wishlist Plus easily integrates with most ESPs, making it simple to customize your email outreach based on specific triggers you define. Engage these customer with reminder emails, product updates, promotions and sales info about their Wishlisted products, or similar items they make like.  Last minute deals or limited time offers can also  inspire  Wishlisters to purchase.

Social proof is a powerful selling and conversion tool. When customers see influencers or peers wearing or using products they like, or commenting positively about them, they are much more likely to purchase.  Similarly, FOMO can also be a powerful conversion driver. Let your shoppers know they may miss out on a trending  item. 

Wishlist Plus provide a wealth of data about your customers—leverage this information. Trending products, as identified by popularity across Wishlists can be used for cross-sell and up-sell email campaigns, product suggestions, etc. — both targeted and as part of broader marketing efforts (‘Check out our top 10 most Wishlisted products’).  How do you use Wishlist to target and remarket?

Wishlist Plus is available for Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce and Magento platforms. 


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We're stoked to see your interest in using Wishlist Plus! You'll receive an email from our team shortly to take this ahead.
We're stoked to see your interest in using Wishlist Plus! You'll receive an email from our team shortly to take this ahead.

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