Introducing: HubSpot + Swym Integration

Today we are excited to announce the general availability of a powerful, turnkey integration between Swym and HubSpot. The integration enables HubSpot users to leverage Swym data in your Sales efforts and Marketing campaigns and to grow your contact lists.

Via the integration, you are able to do the following:

  • Add new contact records that are captured via Swym platform interactions
  • Populate Hubspot with a public link to each Contact’s wishlist as well as the products they’ve added to their wishlist
  • Allow those users to opt in to your HubSpot marketing lists
  • Product-level Back in Stock and Price Drop triggers

Leveraging Swym Wishlist Data in HubSpot Sales Outreach

Your sales team is going to go crazy when they find out about the possibilities unlocked by this integration.

First, they will be able to target Contacts based on their wishlist activity. As part of the integration, a new Contact property is added to letting you know when they last accessed their wishlist. Filters based on this field allow your sales team to time their outreach based on that activity.

Next, they will know what products the Contact has wishlisted, allowing them to send highly personalized messages.

Wishlist activity is also reflected in the Contact’s HubSpot Activity Feed, giving your sales team an update on products of interest at a glance.

Finally, the link to their wishlist serves as a powerful call to action to include in their messaging. Driving prospects back to the products they were considering, and helping them pick back up where they left off, is a high-performance sales tactic.

Leveraging Swym Wishlist Data in Hubspot Marketing Campaigns

One thing seasoned marketers can all agree on is that targeted marketing outperforms literally everything else. The problem is that coming up with new ideas is difficult and execution is often a challenge. Enabling this integration is a really easy way to enable new high-performance campaigns.

There are a number of ways to leverage wishlist data to power automated campaigns in HubSpot. One option is to create active lists of contacts who have recently accessed their wishlists. Another is to set up workflow enrollment triggers based on that activity. Another is to define email templates in Hubspot and configure rules via the Swym dashboard to trigger those messages automatically when an event is detected for products in a user’s wishlist.

Customers using our Triggered Messaging or Wishlist Plus app or full Swym platform can leverage product-level changes like back in stock and price drops to build additional campaigns.

Once you’ve figured out how you’re going to automate your campaigns, there are a number of ways to leverage Swym data to personalize the email messages you build into your workflows:

  • Reference and include links to the products in their wishlist
  • Include a link to their wishlist
  • Reference the timing of their last visit

These personalized touches will lead to great email campaign metrics like open rates and click-through rates. They should additionally deliver better than average conversion rates, as you’re targeting recent shoppers and making it easy for them to pick up where they left off.

Growing Your HubSpot Contacts and Marketing Lists

The Swym platform enables you to implement a number of compelling list growth tactics on your site. Leverage them, along with the HubSpot integration to grow your contact and marketing lists.

Asking shoppers who sign up for back in stock alerts whether they want to opt into your marketing lists has proven to be highly effective.

In addition, intelligent opt-in popup nudges can be enabled to encourage wishlist users to save their email address.

Getting Started

This new integration is available to all Pro, Premium and Enterprise customers. To learn more, check out these resources:

Contact your Success Manager or our support team to get started!


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We're stoked to see your interest in using Wishlist Plus! You'll receive an email from our team shortly to take this ahead.
We're stoked to see your interest in using Wishlist Plus! You'll receive an email from our team shortly to take this ahead.

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