Last minute tips to boost your Mother’s Day sales

It’s not too late to start driving Mother’s Day sales.

Nearly 70% of online spending for Mom occurs just one week before the Holiday. Mother’s Day is the third largest Holiday in the US, generating over 20 billion dollars in sales—with 30% coming from ecommerce. Here are some simple ways to boost your brand awareness and  sales this Mother’s Day

Gift Guides

It’s not just about flowers anymore. Moms are now such a diverse demographic that almost anything goes. Clothing, jewelry, accessories and electronics are all popular gifts. Add value by creating a special section or page on your e-commerce site with gift recommendations.  Promote curated gifts for Mom  across channels, especially during the week before the Holiday.

Email Campaigns

Use your email list to send targeted emails with clear CTAs. Link to a curated landing page, share your gift guide, or include gift suggestions with direct  links to the product pages. With over 40% of shoppers using a mobile device to find a gift, make sure your site and your email are mobile optimized.  Heavy up your email campaign the week before the Holiday.

Social Media

Holidays like Mother’s Day offer an ideal opportunity to create engaging mom-centric content that has emotional appeal. Think UGC, hashtag contests, Pinterest Boards and Instagram posts—whatever works best with your products, site and branding. Encourage customers to share and post images and stories of their own.

Promotional Offers

Promotions of any kind boost conversion.  Free gifts with purchase can be an opportunity to showcase new products or clear old stock. When you offer the free gift over a certain threshold, you may also encourage customers to increase their spend. Free shipping is another effective promotion to incent last-minute gift givers, especially when delivery dates are critical. Promotions can bring new visitors to your site, so don’t forget to capture new email addresses. Also, if you have cut-off dates for Mother’s Day delivery, make sure to call those out.

Shopping Cart Reminders

Cart abandonment rates can spike in the days leading up to Mother’s Day, as shoppers scramble to find and purchase the perfect gift. It’s important to remind shoppers about products they left behind and capture any potentially lost sales.  

Ready for Mother’s Day? Check out our suite of customizable ecommerce solutions. Our full-featured JavaScript APIs allow you to extend the experience of any of our apps. Get in touch with us for details on how we can help you build a truly unique ecommerce experience. 


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