Introducing Swym + Klaviyo SMS integration for back in stock alerts

It gives us great pleasure to announce that we’ve now extended our integration with Klaviyo to include SMS alerts for back in stock integrations!

With this integration, merchants can:

  • Collect SMS subscriptions to send back in stock SMS alerts
  • Grow their SMS subscription list
  • Run personalized SMS campaigns to these subscribed customers through their Klaviyo account
  • Unify their SMS & Email marketing efforts, and view its consolidated impact

This integration allows merchants to send out back in stock subscription acknowledgements, restock alerts and restock reminders. They can also use the back in stock data we send to Klaviyo to set up automated workflows and run targeted SMS marketing campaigns. For example, they can create a discount offer and run it for this high-intent audience, or send them suggestions for alternative products they can buy in lieu of the sold out product.

Our integration allows merchants to leverage SMS as a marketing channel, giving them the distinct advantage of:

“Our email integration with Klaviyo has already driven great results for our merchants with increased open rates and higher conversions,” says Gopal Seshadrinathan, Head of Partnerships at Swym Corporation. “We’re excited to now enable our customers to harness the power of SMS alerts through Klaviyo as well.”

Dan Caldwell, Team Lead, Technology Partnerships at Klaviyo, added, “When a potential buyer asked to be alerted when an item is back in stock it’s imperative to ensure they know when that happens. Informing them using both email and SMS ensures they will see that update. Using the Swym and Klaviyo integration makes it easy to implement this high performing flow strategy.”

“The spends on SMS marketing continue to increase, and the market size is expected to double by 2024”, Arvind Krishnan, CEO at Swym Corproration said. “With over 50% of consumers making a purchase after a marketing text, this does not come as a surprise. With this integration, we are making it easier for merchants to adopt this channel with ease.”

Take a look at how easy it is to send SMS and Email back in stock alerts, as outlined in this help document.

This integration is currently being rolled out to select merchants who have installed the Swym Back in Stock App, but you can enroll for early access by writing in to us on


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We're stoked to see your interest in using Wishlist Plus! You'll receive an email from our team shortly to take this ahead.

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