How The Block Zone uses Swym’s wishlist data to drive up their revenue, conversion rates and AOV

Industry:   Hobbies & Leisure Country: United Kingdom  Platform: Shopify
Integration: Klaviyo


increase in AOV through wishlist


lift in revenue


increase in conversion rate

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The customer and their requirement: The missing block of data


The Block Zone is a popular and well-loved store that sells unique and complex building block model kits. Known for providing the highest quality of products at affordable rates, the store has created a loyal fan base amongst model-building enthusiasts and hobbyists.


While the front-end customer experience is the primary decision-driver for many ecommerces stores looking to install a wishlist, The Block Zone was focused on finding a Wishlist that offered them robust wishlist interaction and performance data. Their hunt for a wishlist that allowed them to connect customer preference data to their marketing tools led them to Wishlist Plus.

“From the beginning, the main reason for (adding) the wishlist was for all the data-driven decisions and data-driven marketing that can be done once the users interact with the wishlist."

The Block Zone

The solution: Diving into data with Swym

With Wishlist Plus, they found a solution that not only made it easy for their customers to create and use wishlists, but also offered a wealth of data in terms of product demand and customer actions as detailed reports. Further, Wishlist Plus also allowed them to start using this data from Day 1 by integrating with their marketing platform, Klaviyo and the Meta Pixel integration.


Here are some of the ways in which they use Wishlist Data to improve their conversions and revenue metrics by:


  • Personalizing communication flows on Klaviyo

A study by Accenture indicated that 91% of customers are more likely to shop with brands that recognize and remember their preferences and offer them relevant offers or recommendations. Wishlist Plus’ native integration with Klaviyo makes it easy for the one-person team at The Block Zone to set up such highly personalized flows based on their customers’ wishlist actions, coupled with inventory triggers. 

For example, they are able to send email reminders to customers about their wishlists or send alerts when items in a customer’s wishlist are low in stock or are on sale

They are also able to set up highly relevant Advantage+ catalog ads (previously known as Dynamic Product Ads) to remarket to customers using Wishlist Plus’ Meta Pixel integration.

“I was able to start creating flows on Klaviyo from Day 1, with the help of Swym’s playbooks and customer support team. We get the best conversion rates from price drop or low stock notifications based on wishlist data."

The Block Zone
  • Optimizing Product Details Page 

You already know that the product details page (PDP) is an important conversion driver for any ecommerce store. But did you know that you can use wishlist data to identify issues and improve your PDPs?

By studying Swym reports that allow you to see product-wise wishlist actions and revenue generated, The Block Zone was able to identify product pages with high interest (i.e. wishlist actions) but low conversions (i.e. revenue). Then, by analyzing these pages they were able to identify possible deterrents to purchase such as low quality images, incomplete descriptions or higher pricing and make changes to the pages accordingly.

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  • Create best-selling product bundles 

Product bundling is an often used strategy that can help increase revenue and AOV. But choosing the right combination of products can be a challenge without the right data. Wishlist Plus has a ‘Top Wishlisted Products’ section that The Block Zone uses to understand product demand. Further, they use this information to identify if there are related products in this list that they then bundle together.

“While studying wishlist data, I noticed that 3 models had high wishlist activity last year, so I made it into a bundle and it’s one of our bestsellers.”

Group 426
The Block Zone

The impact

By using their wishlist intelligence, The Block Zone has been able to see:

  • 35% increase in AOV through wishlist
  • 6% lift in revenue
  • 9X increase in conversion rate

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