How to Run a Win Your Wishlist Campaign with Wishlist Plus

How to Run a Win Your Wishlist Campaign with Wishlist Plus

Wishlist Plus is loaded with benefits for both your business and your shoppers. Allowing shoppers to add favorite products to their wishlist only touches the surface of what it does. 

Swym’s data platform helps you understand your shoppers and their purchasing intent. Data gathered from Wishlist Plus serves as a catalyst to grow your customer base and drive more sales. 

There are many ways you can use this data to support your business. A few examples include: 

  • Using product reports to identify popular products
  • Accurately planning inventory for upcoming sales periods based on shopper interest
  • Evaluating interest in products and using this data to build targeted marketing campaigns
  • Constructing lists of customers with similar interests/intents
  • Determining new product development investments based on pre-launch interest

Of course, all this depends on your customers using Wishlist Plus consistently. Getting users to adopt your site’s wishlist doesn’t have to be a struggle, though. 

One of the easiest ways to encourage shoppers to use it is by running a ‘Win Your Wishlist’ campaign. This style of promotion has gotten quite popular and is extremely effective. 

In this article, we’ll teach you how to set up a Win Your Wishlist campaign using Swym’s Wishlist Plus app and cover everything you need to know about running it. 

Win Your Wishlist Campaign Overview

So, what exactly is a Win Your Wishlist campaign? Essentially, it’s a way to engage shoppers so you can collect more accurate data about their interests and purchasing intent. This data is extremely valuable as it allows you to create optimized marketing flows and determine how to balance your inventory.

To incentivize shoppers to use the wishlist feature, they are entered into a promotion to “win their wishlist.”

This doesn’t typically mean they get everything on their wishlist for free. After all, someone could just add every item in your store to their wishlist in hopes of winning. 

Instead, most Win Your Wishlist campaigns award a randomly selected winner (or winners) a gift card. This typically falls in the $300-500 range but varies based on your niche. The lucky shopper can then use this gift card to purchase items off their wishlist or anything else they like from your store. 

Win Your Wishlist Campaign Objectives 

The primary goal of a Win Your Wishlist campaign is to raise awareness for your wishlist feature and encourage more shoppers to use it. This is a win-win scenario for both you and your customers. 

Along with enabling better data collection as discussed, this type of campaign can help your e-commerce store in other ways. Let’s look at a few potential objectives for a Win Your Wishlist campaign. 

Increased Social Media Engagement 

Giveaway campaigns are a fantastic tool for increasing your social media engagement. Often, brands include a social component to a Win Your Wishlist campaign. 

This could mean requiring shoppers to share their wishlist with friends, add a screenshot to their story, or interact with your content. 

Regardless, the prospect of free stuff is enough to encourage many shoppers to engage with your social media accounts. After the campaign ends, some of those users will stick around and continue to engage with your posts. 

Collecting First-Party Data

You can base inventory decisions on data from competitors in your space. However, nothing beats first-party data from the shoppers using your site. Win Your Wishlist campaigns are ideal for collecting this type of data. 

Shoppers are far more willing to offer up their email address and phone number or opt-in to tracking cookies if doing so gives them a chance of winning a prize.  

The money you’ll spend on a Win Your Wishlist campaign is nothing compared to the valuable data you can collect. With iOS 14 and Google’s latest Android privacy policies cracking down on third-party data collection for advertisers, getting your hands on first-party data is crucial for building targeted campaigns and getting to know your audience. 

Growing Your Audience 

As mentioned, a Win Your Wishlist campaign is a great way to boost engagement among shoppers. One way to do so is by encouraging users to share your brand with their friends. This can be done through social shares, encouraging email signups, or simply word of mouth. 

No opportunity to grow your audience is a bad one. When running a campaign like this, adding more shoppers to your user base is always a good goal. 

Components of a Win Your Wishlist Campaign 

Although running a Win Your Wishlist Campaign might seem simple, there are several factors to consider. Each component of the campaign should be chosen based on the goals you have set. 

Fortunately, no two campaigns are identical. You can tailor various aspects of the campaign to meet the needs of your business and attract your audience. 

Let’s look at some of the most important components of a Win Your Wishlist campaign. 


Just adding a campaign to your site isn’t enough. While that might attract customers already using your site, it won’t help grow your audience or attract new shoppers. You need to determine which channels you’ll use to promote your campaign. This should be done based on your goals. 

A few of the most popular channels are: 

  • Social media: Ideal for the greatest reach and improved social engagement 
  • Email: Great for encouraging an existing audience to use the new Wishlist Plus feature
  • Pop-ups: Best for capturing data from visitors to your site to develop future campaigns
  • Banners: Like pop-ups, great for capturing data from existing store visitors


Next, you’ll need to determine how large you want your campaign to be. Setting the prize amount can help shape this. A $500 giveaway is likely to attract more people than a $50 giveaway. 

You must also determine how much effort will go into promoting the Win Your Wishlist campaign. Spending a few hours to design a banner is less time-intensive and costly than developing an entire email marketing flow. 


Before starting a campaign, you should have a clear idea of what you want to do with the information you gather. Maybe you want to capture email addresses and wishlist information to develop targeted drip campaigns. You could want to boost your engagement on social media to gather a bigger following. 

Regardless of what your end goals are, determine what your follow-up steps will be. This ensures your campaign is set up to deliver actionable data that can be used once it concludes. 

Example Objective-Based Campaigns

As discussed, there are many ways to harness the power of a Win Your Wishlist campaign. Many Swym customers have utilized this approach to meet their goals. Below are a few sample campaigns based on target objectives and real-world data to support the results. 

Objective #1: Increased Social Media Engagement and Follower Count

An online fashion boutique utilized a Win Your Wishlist campaign using Swym’s Wishlist Plus app with the goal of improving its social media following and engagement. The campaign took place over a week in July 2021. 

In that time, shoppers took 27,800 wishlist actions. That was a 50% increase over the previous week’s 18,800 wishlist actions. 

The impact didn’t stop when the campaign did, though. 

During the month following the campaign, the boutique saw a 60% increase in wishlist actions and a 100% increase in revenue compared to the preceding month. 

Meanwhile, the brand’s social media accounts enjoyed two times higher engagement rates on posts related to the campaign compared to their normal posts. 

Objective #2: Increase Mobile App Downloads

A women’s fashion brand launched a Win Your Wishlist campaign for its email subscribers to encourage them to download its new mobile app. The campaign took place in August 2021 and lasted a week. 

Much like the previous example, this brand saw a 45% boost in wishlist actions during that time. 

Meanwhile, there was a 1.3% overall increase in mobile app conversions. 

The brand also had a 40% increase in revenue for the month following the campaign compared to the preceding month. 

Sweepstakes Laws to Consider

Running a Win Your Wishlist campaign is a simple way to engage your followers, build loyalty, and gather data. However, there are some important considerations. 

Laws surrounding sweepstakes and giveaways are strict and vary from location to location. 

At a minimum, expect to provide shoppers with a list of rules regarding eligibility, how winners are chosen, and the giveaway’s terms and conditions. 

Given the varied nature of sweepstakes laws around the world, it’s best to consult with your brand’s legal team or an outside source of legal advice before starting a Win Your Wishlist campaign. 


If you need a way to grow your online business, look no further than Swym’s powerful suite of tools and smart data platform. With the Wishlist Plus app, you’re one step closer to a Win Your Wishlist campaign that helps drive sales and increase shopper engagement. 

Have questions about setting up a Win Your Wishlist campaign using Wishlist Plus? Our support team is happy to help. Just reach out to us via email at


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