5 tips to promote your store’s gift registry program to shoppers

Adding a gift registry feature to your ecommerce store has numerous benefits. These days, people are using gift lists and registries for various reasons, not just the traditional milestones like weddings, baby showers, or housewarmings. In fact, we’ve recently witnessed NGOs and shelters registering for supplies, grandparents encouraging their grandchildren to register for toys, and even readers creating and exchanging book registries. Cool, right?

However, for your store’s  gift registry program to be truly successful and yield results, it’s important that you promote it to your shoppers and tell them why they should create a gift registry at your store as opposed to others. In this blog, we share five strategies you can use to promote your gift registry program to shoppers, drive sales, and establish a lasting relationship with them. 

Make it easy for people to create a gift registry

Now that you’ve added a gift registry functionality to your ecommerce store, it’s time to let people know so they can actually register. We suggest highlighting the gift registry in two places:

  1. On the main menu of your store
  2. On the product description pages just below the Buy button

For example, here’s how Zoen Voor Gust highlights their Gift Registry program:

If you’re just launching a gift registry program, you can add a section to your Home Page, a banner to the sidebar of your blogs or even in the check-out section to inform shoppers about it. The idea is to promote your gift registry program to shoppers in all high-traffic areas so more of them learn about it. Here’s an example from Blubelle, who’ve added a banner at the top of the website to announce their gift registry program.

Create a landing page for your gift registry program

While highlighting your registry is an easy way to tell shoppers it’s available, a landing page is the best place to tell them why they should create a gift list or registry at your store. 

We also suggest you include your contact information so shoppers know they can get in touch with you if they have any questions and customer testimonials. Authentic feedback from satisfied customers builds trust and encourages new visitors to try your registry.

Some landing pages we like and you can take inspiration from include Anthropologie and Macy’s. We particularly like how Macy’s briefly mentions the benefits right on the Create a Registry form.

Offer incentives 

If there’s one store that’s perfected the art of gift registries, it’s probably Bloomingdales. From discounts and bonus gifts to complimentary vacation planning and exclusive events, they’ve gone the extra mile to impress shoppers. 

Such perks can make shoppers feel appreciated and valued, encouraging them to choose your registry over competitors. Even something as small as a discount or free gift can help you encourage shoppers to register at your store.   

You can also partner with other businesses that are relevant to your target audience—your shoppers get a tempting deal, and both of you get another sale. Win-win, right?

Run campaigns throughout the year

By consistently reminding shoppers about your gift registry program, you can nudge them to create a registry at your store. This can lead to an increased likelihood of conversions and ultimately driving the success of your ecommerce store.

One of the easier (and failsafe ways) to promote your gift registry program to shoppers is via email . Segment your customer base and send personalized emails notifying them of upcoming events or holidays that include gift-giving. For example, if you’ve got a segment of customers who work for a non-profit, you can send them an email about how creating a charity registry at your store can benefit them.  Another idea is sending shoppers a reminder email a few weeks before their birthday with personalized recommendations and even a special gift from you. 

You don’t have to stick to just email, either. You can promote your gift registry program and its benefits on social media, send SMS notifications, and even use pop-ups on your website to nudge visitors to check out your registry. If you’ve got a client relationship manager, you can also get them to approach customers via direct email and encourage them to create a registry at your store.

Inspire shoppers with curated product displays

Decision fatigue is a real problem and it shouldn’t stop your shoppers from choosing the right gifts to add to their registry. And who better to guide them towards the right products than you? By now, you must have an idea of your ideal customers and the types of products they like. We suggest creating themed lists for different occasions and featuring them on your gift registry page. Another idea is featuring popular customer registries or providing shoppers with a downloadable checklist that they can use to search for items on your store. 

Here’s an example from Crate and Barrel, who have two sets of curated lists: one set featuring registries made by real customers (including some celebrities like Mandy Moore) and the other based on nursery themes and product categories. Another example is The Tot which uses curated lists called “starter registries” to help shoppers choose products.

Here are some tips for curating gift lists and registries:

  •  Write a compelling title and description for your lists so shoppers know what the list contains 
  • Include products at all price points so you can accommodate the budget of different shoppers. 
  • Review your lists regularly and remove the ones that are no longer relevant or out of stock.

Finally, make sure to center the messaging around your shopper’s needs, desires, and convenience. Emphasize the ease of use, efficiency, and stress-free shopping experience that your gift registry program provides. Tailor your messaging to resonate with your target audience, addressing their pain points and showcasing how your registry addresses those concerns. Such shopper-centric language can help you persuade shoppers to register at your store without being too pushy or salesy. 

We hope you find this article helpful. We’d also love to know how you’re promoting your gift registry to shoppers. Share your stories with us by commenting below or tweeting us @swymit


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