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How Cirque Colors increased their AOV and website orders with Wishlist Plus and Swym Back in Stock Alerts

Industry: Lifestyle - Beauty & Cosmetics Country: United States Platform: Shopify


of all website orders


higher AOV


higher conversion rate


Cirque Colors, an artisan nail color brand, is a prime example of how a side hustle fueled by passion can turn into a lucrative business. Annie Pham, its founder, turned her love for one-of-a-kind combinations and special effect nail colors from a hobby into a full-time profitable entrepreneurial venture, while she was working in the IT industry. The indie brand known for its unique limited edition products started selling hand-crafted nail colors in 2012 and has, since then, amassed a loyal following.

Limited supply + lots of demand = the need for a wishlist and watchlist

Their requirement:

When they moved from BigCommerce to the Shopify platform, their focus was on getting their customers the best browsing experience. This included offering customers a way to save and access a list of their favorites and let the brand know which out of stock products they were eagerly waiting for. 

“Our customers often create wishlists when they’re browsing, and revisit them when they’re ready to buy, when they have their pay day, for example.”


Cirque Colors also wanted to incorporate a ‘Save for Later’ option because it is something their customers used often, and also send customers updates when their favorites were on sale, running low on stock or were restocked.

The solution:

Cirque Colors found their solution in Swym’s Wishlist Plus and Swym Back in Stock Alerts, as:

  • It helped them add a natively branded wishlist to their website:

Both Wishlist Plus and Swym Back in Stock are highly customizable, which made it super easy for Cirque Colors to create a wishlist experience that was on brand. They were able to nail down all the tiny details, right down to the colors, symbols and even use their custom fonts. 


“Not only did the Swym Team incorporate our custom font into the wishlist interface, they also went out of the way to help us troubleshoot our font licensing issues.” – Dani

  • It allows their customers to ‘Save For Later’:

Wishlist Plus natively offers a ‘Save For Later’ functionality that allows their customers to easily move things in and out of their carts. This feature allowed them to recover ~$20K from items that were removed from carts (~10% of their total sales) per quarter.

  • It helps them automate wishlist-based notifications:

With Wishlist Plus Cirque Colors can easily set up automated reminders and email triggers such as low stock, back in stock and price drop alerts, based on their customers’ wishlist activity. This empowers them to send highly personalized and relevant notifications to bring their customers back to complete their purchase.

  • It gives them information on which out of stock products are in demand:

The reports available with Wishlist Plus and Swym Back in Stock alerts give Cirque Colors insights into which of their products are popular with their customers, and which ones they’re looking to repurchase. This helps them make the right decisions in terms of their production schedule.

“I remembered from my previous experience with Swym’s reports that they make it easy to understand product demand. I make sure that we’re using these reports at Cirque Colors to make decisions about, for example, what limited edition colors we’ll be bringing back.”


The impact

With Swym, Cirque Colors but found a partner to help them grow.

“With Swym the support is always faster than expected and they’re always there to help you fix things and suggest new ways in which we can get the most value. We wish everyone was like Swym.”


Wishlist Plus and Swym Back in Stock Alerts collectively contribute to:

  • 16% of all website orders
  • 37% higher AOV
  • 12.5% higher conversion rate

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