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How Credo Beauty Implemented Wishlist Plus to Drive Customer Engagement and Higher Conversion

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Credo Beauty’s mission to change the beauty industry has driven its initiatives, such as The Credo Clean Standard™, guided by its core tenets of safety, sourcing, sustainability, and ethics. Such standards have made Credo Beauty the largest clean beauty retailer in the world with an assortment including over 130 brands.

The brands that partner with Credo Beauty omit the ingredients on The Dirty List® to create safer, more sustainable, and ethically made products. Their brands are also encouraged to stick to the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) to promote transparency in the ingredients used and listed on the products themselves. 

Their aim is to shake up the status quo on the low standards prevalent in beauty retail across the globe and provide their customers with a truly better class of products.


Conversion rate for Wishlist Plus users is 210% higher


5% of total revenue through Swym


Increased customer engagement through the Swym - Klaviyo Integration

The Challenge - Guiding Customers through Better Products

With a selection of unique, ethically made, and sustainable products as varied as their customers, the challenge was to help customers keep track of their favorite products among the collections available. Returning customers required a seamless experience on Credo’s website so that they can pick right where they left off and complete their purchases. Credo Beauty was losing out on shopper engagement and conversion, while the customer was missing out on a wholly better class of beauty products. 

The Solution - Wishlist Plus Product Curation and Wishlist Reminders

Wishlist Plus simplified the user experience greatly for Credo Beauty customers, enabling them to build product lists effortlessly and revisit them when they were ready to purchase. For customers who required a gentle reminder of their product selections, Credo enabled its wishlist reminder emails through Klaviyo utilizing customized time delays after list creation. The customer would get a reminder of their product choice 24 hours after product selection followed by a second reminder after 5 days.

Bringing shoppers back to complete their shopping journeys boosted revenue for Credo Beauty. Such event-triggered campaigns are central to increasing the Average Order Value (AOV) and by extension, order revenue.

Setting up reminders for your customers is an automated way to ensure they don’t forget about your product. You can learn here how to set up Wishlist Reminder Emails via Klaviyo in our Marketing Playbooks section.


Since the integration of Swym Wishlist Plus in 2018, 5% of Credo Beauty’s total revenue has resulted from the orders placed through Swym. Since its implementation, the conversion rate for Wishlist Plus users is 210% higher than the site average!

“We are very happy with Wishlist Plus features and the integration that they provide with Klaviyo. We wanted to be able to brand our Wishlist emails in the same style as our Campaign sends; we have the ability to do so with the integration that Swym and Klaviyo provide. We are very happy with our results!"
Alexandra Caldwell
Digital Manager

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