Grow email list


Grow Your Email List

Grow your email list by enabling intelligent opt-in popups, gently nudging shoppers to sign up for wishlist updates.


The popup details are easily configured via the Swym Admin. You will find this under the ‘Customize Wishlist Appearance’ option. By default, captured emails are added to the Swym platform to be used for wishlist reminder messaging, which is available for Swym Starter plans and above. 

While the popup allows your customer to sign up for reminders about their wishlist, they also have the option to get added to your mailing list. When a customer checks the ‘Add to mailing list’ box, you can send them targeted emails based on their shopping activity which is a great way to boost site activity!

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With the customer’s email address now in your mailing list, you can choose to send these emails through the Swym platform or through any of the following ESPs that we integrate with:


The Email Popup template is very easy to set up as seen in the image below. 

For stores that are GDPR compliant, the opt-in popup is a great way to respect your customers’ privacy and still ensure that your marketing efforts are effective.