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Guest Email Capture

According to a Braze analytics survey of 2.5 billion active users across 100 popular retail and eCommerce apps, only 14% of users were logged in, and the remaining 86% of users were anonymous.

Out of this total list of anonymous users, 96% of them receive no form of marketing outreach, making them an untapped audience segment. But what if there’s a way to tap into this segment? What if there’s a way to capture the email addresses of these anonymous users and reach out to them to improve conversions?

Introducing you to Swym’s Guest Email Capture popup.

Guest Email Capture popup allows you to capture the email addresses of guest users and leverage them for targeted marketing campaigns. And, the best part is it is free to use.

Important: To learn how to enable Guest Email Capture on your store, click here

Here’s what you can do with Guest Email Capture:

Increase your customer base:
Capture guest email addresses to increase your marketing list for running campaigns.

Remarket to high-intent users:
Follow up with guests who wishlisted items reminding them to complete their purchase.  

Send contextual messaging:
Send emails based on wishlisted items to drive higher engagement and deliver a more personalized experience.

Turn guest users into loyal customers:
Nurture guest users with updates, exclusive offers, and personalized recommendations to turn them into repeat customers.

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If you are already using an ESP to send your emails, you can integrate with any of them and start sending emails through them. Here are some of the popular ESP integrations that we support. 


This is what Guest Email Capture looks like on the Swym admin:

Desktop preview:


Mobile preview:


This is how Guest Email Capture looks like on the store:

Desktop preview:


Mobile preview: