Swym’s Compliance for Google & Yahoo Email Sender Requirements

Google and Yahoo are trying to make the inbox a better place for users worldwide. On that context, they are rolling out new sender compliances for businesses to email users worldwide.

Here are some links that can get you started with what those are –

Gmail and Yahoo’s New Sender Requirements: A Closer Look

Email sender guidelines – Google Workspace Admin Help

New Sending Requirements for Gmail & Yahoo!

If you use a different ESP with Swym, here are the requirements you should do with your email sender –

  1. SPF – Here
  2. DKIM – Here
  3. DMARC – Here
  4. Reverse DNS – Here

If you use Swym to send out your email notifications. Read on to understand how the domain Swym apps use to send emails complies with these compliance requests.

  1. SPF, DKIM & DMARC compliance – In addition to setting SPF & DKIM as a standard to send out emails. DMARC is to be set up as a means to detect and process spoofing. Swym uses Sendgrid as the backbone to send out emails and has SPF, DKIM and DMARC rules set up to authorize email sends and battle spoofing.
  2. Set up Forward and Reverse DNS records – Reverse DNS is required so that email servers do not reject your email as spam. Forward and Reverse DNS records are set up for email-sending domains and are compliant with the request.
  3. Spam rates under 0.3 (Google Postmaster) – Our spam rates are well below the prescribed spam limits because all of the emails that originate from our apps are directly tied to actions shoppers took – such as signing up for a back in stock alerts, or adding an item to their wishlist and getting notified when that item goes on sale. In other words, personalization is core to the emails we send shoppers and therefore are much less likely to be seen as spam. We also review our email delivery and spam rates daily as part of our overall monitoring and that also helps ensure that our spam rates are kept really low, much lower than the prescribed limits for this compliance.
  4. Use RFC 5322 format for emails – The templates that we provide and any emails that you create on Swym follow the RFC 5322 format – with the right headers, body and attachments.
  5. Don’t use “gmail : from” headers – We do not and we never will make any emails go out spoofing a Gmail user. The Swym apps that send out emails on your behalf is by default compliant with this request.
  6. ARC headers for forwarded email – This is not relevant to Swym and merchants using Swym to send out emails.
  7. DMARC authentication and alignment – The domain we use for email sends has DMARC rules set up and has alignment with SPF addresses added and DKIM keys. This means all our setup variables mirror their settings and set up the right way – the way Google and Yahoo wants it!
  8. One-click Unsubscribe – This compliance is requested for June,2024. We currently have this as a priority in our roadmap and will update this article once it is done.
  9. TLS connection for transmitting email – Sendgrid takes care of this by default. Swym leverages Sendgrid as the backbone for email sends and is therefore compliant here.

We hope this helps to understand compliance for a new era of email marketing. For any further queries, please write to support@swymcorp.com. Happy emailing!


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