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Why Swym’s Friendly Culture Makes it the Perfect Place to Start Your Career

Choosing an internship has a significant impact on not only your future career but your entire life. Getting in with the right company sets you up for success and an enjoyable time doing your job.

Former Swym intern and current software engineer Yashit Thakur knew he was in the right place before even starting on his first day.

Yashit recalls sitting down with the final interviewer for his internship position and being surprised to find it conducted in a Q&A format.

Yet, that is exactly what led him to join the company.

He describes his eureka moment, saying, “Talking to that person and asking questions and getting answers. The way he was talking and prompting me to get better and understand. He was trying to help me. That’s when I knew I was in the right place.”

Yashit first learned about Swym when a company representative came to his school, Vellore Institute of Technology.


The rest is history. 

During his time as a Swym intern, Yashit learned his new role through a hands-on program. 

He says, “The things I learned in training, I’m still using now. Other things I worked on as an intern are now being rolled out and are customer-facing.” 

Yashit’s experience reflects Swym’s philosophy of purposeful work. While he knew that learning would be a big part of the process, the former intern didn’t realize how much of an impact the culture would have on his experience. 

“I thought there would be a lot of code and learning new things along the way. That is what I expected. But then the culture here was completely mind-blowing,” Yashit says. “It feels like I am talking to and working with people that know me and care about me.”


Remote work presents a challenge for getting to know your co-workers. This is especially true when you are the newest employee in the virtual room. 

Yashit recalls how he formed a bond with other interns and employees who started at the same time. 

He says, “When we started, we didn’t know who we were actually working with. Mostly we all talked about work stuff. But thanks to some in-person meetups we’ve developed an openness and trust. It’s not just work talk anymore.”

As part of Swym’s Lightning Team, this sort of bond is crucial. Yashit and fellow software engineers perform research and documentation on new features and upcoming projects. 

He reflects on how the company’s supportive culture helps him perform at his best. 


“There is so much great communication between our team. Each day we meet and discuss what we need to work on that day,” Yashit says, “The support is also fantastic. Whenever I make a mistake, the response isn’t pointing out that I’ve done something wrong. It’s all about pushing me to learn and do better the next time.”

He was also sure to mention a company Slack channel called Swym Pets. There, employees can share photos and stories about their dogs, cats, birds, and other animal friends. Yashit notes that it was a major icebreaker for him when starting his internship and getting to know other people. 

His piece of advice to someone interested in starting their career at Swym?

“Don’t be afraid to talk to other people. If you try to get into a conversation with someone, you’ll find that everyone here is very approachable,” Yashit says. 

Interested in joining the Swym team? Check out our current openings or write to us at careers@swymcorp.com for exciting opportunities.