Neethu Mohandas

How Swym’s Team First Environment Creates Endless Opportunities for Growth

Finding your place with a company is always a challenge. Whether you’re working at a mega-corporation or a small startup, finding a meaningful way to utilize your talents and hard work is an important part of the employee experience. 

For Swym Software Engineer Neethu Mohandas, it’s all about a small team environment. 

She explains how that mindset applies to her daily work within the Engineering Team. 

“We are a team of extremely dedicated people with a lot of potential,” Neethu says. “It leads to so many small acts of kindness. So many chances for continuous learning.” 

A Place to Grow

Neethu has plenty of experience working in a team setting. After starting her career as a Systems Engineer, she took a detour to explore the world of academia. Neethu worked as an assistant professor for more than five years. 

After completing a coding bootcamp, she decided it was time for a change. She wanted to pursue her love of software development. 

“I shortlisted Swym right away. I knew I wanted to work in a small startup environment,” says Neethu. 

She would go on to become the company’s tenth employee in 2018. 

“I was very nervous about pulling it off,” she adds, “I didn’t have as much experience as some of my coworkers. But the environment allowed me to grow a lot.” 

She quickly integrated herself with the company and embraced the team-driven culture that Swym offers. Neethu started with tech support and has since moved upward into various software development and automation roles. 

She notes that her experiences with the company recently culminated in leading a two-year project that migrated over 15,000 merchants to a new version of Swym’s code and infrastructure. But that sort of success isn’t possible without some teamwork.

“Everyone prioritizes team interactions. We use one-on-ones as much as possible, and you can collaborate with any member of the team,” she says. 

“There are so many heartfelt conversations. Everyone wants to share as much as they can.” 

Since Neethu joined the team, Swym has grown to more than 70 employees. Even so, she points out that the small team identity remains. 


Everyday Adventures

Finding your role within the team is one step. But according to Neethu, you never know what the day will look like. Being able to adapt and grow with each challenge is a key part of the process. 

“Every day when I wake up and log in, I know there will be a lot of questions and a lot of things I don’t know about,” she says. “That’s what makes working here exciting.” 

“The whole day will become an adventure,” Neethu adds. 

She reflects on her past experiences, recalling that it wasn’t always easy to identify her role at other organizations. 

“Here, it has been amazing,” she says. 

Neethu adds, “As you grow within the team, there is a lot of trust the team puts in you.” 

Part of her positive experience comes from watching Swym CEO Arvind Krishnan working alongside the team and offering guidance every day. 

“I’ve never had a chance to watch such an experienced person work. It’s such a big bonus,” says Neethu. 

While Swym has come a long way over the past few years, the time for growth isn’t over. 

“Working here, it’s a huge commitment,” Neethu says, “It’s not just a job. If you’re ready for that, you’ll find yourself in a warm, supportive, challenging, and stimulating environment.” 

“You’ll have all the opportunities to grow,” she adds.

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