Mohammed Rampurawala

Swym’s Remote Work Options Open the Door for Adventure


For some people, working remotely means being cooped up in their home office behind a keyboard to sit through hours of virtual meetings. For Swym’s Mohammed Rampurawala, it means living life to the fullest while working in the Himalayan Mountains. 

The DevOps engineer sees his lifestyle, and his professional career, as an adventure. 

“Every day is a new day,” Mohammed says, “The support and the team we have is pretty amazing. It’s amazing to see how we overcome the set of challenges we have every day.” 

Before joining Swym, Mohammed worked for a startup. Eventually, it was time for a change.

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He was looking for a job that would allow him to continue traveling while offering a challenge and opportunities to grow. 

Mohammed reflects, “When I joined Swym, I had two years of experience and everyone else had more than me. But luckily it has all been a learning experience. No one focuses on mistakes, but rather on how we can get better.” 

Mohammed struggles to remember a time when his remote work with Swym was difficult–something that isn’t true of his remote experiences elsewhere. 

He says, “Everyone here is always focused on the task, not the deadline. I’ve never seen micromanagement here.” 

Despite working entirely remotely, Mohammed cherishes the teamwork and collaboration that he shares with other Swym employees. Likewise, he finds that the remote work experience has become seamless. 

“Whether its a team member or someone in management, it is always easy to reach out,” he observes.

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Unlike many remote workers, Mohammed was working away from a traditional office even before the COVID-19 pandemic. 

He credits the ability to travel and work anywhere for keeping his spirits up throughout. 

“There have been ups and downs, but traveling makes it easier than sulking at home in the pain of being remote,” Mohammed says, “I can go anywhere I want as long as there is internet available.” 

Indeed, Mohammed has taken full advantage of the freedom offered by working remotely at Swym. From routine road trips to month-long stays in the Himalayas, this DevOps engineer has been solving problems in fascinating places. 

Mohammed credits his team for helping to make this possible. 

He says, “If I need help, I know there is always someone on the team who can step up. The same goes for me when they need help. We work together to make sure the problems get solved.”

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Part of this mindset comes from the sense of ownership felt by Mohammed and other remote Swym employees. 

He notes, “Working remote is much more about ownership than just doing the job. In remote work, you have personal and professional commitments to balance and take responsibility for.”

“At Swym, it’s all about pushing boundaries. You have to take control of the systems you need to solve and change,” Mohammed adds. 

Indeed, taking ownership is one of Swym’s core values. 

It’s also part of what brought Mohammed to the company in the first place. 

When asked for a word of advice to share with others looking to take ownership of their career, Mohammed said, “Don’t look for a job. Look for an adventure.” 

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